US: /dɪˈskəvɝ/
UK: /dɪskˈʌvɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

discover /dis'kʌvə/
  • ngoại động từ
    • khám phá ra, tìm ra, phát hiện ra, nhận ra
    • để lộ ra, bộc lộ ra, phơi bày ra

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 [VN] to be the first person to become aware that a particular place or thing exists: Cook is credited with discovering Hawaii. + Scientists around the world are working to discover a cure for Aids.
2 to find sb/sth that was hidden or that you did not expect to find: [VN] Police discovered a large stash of drugs while searching the house. + We discovered this beach while we were sailing around the island. + [VN -ing] He was discovered hiding in a shed. + [VN-ADJ] She was discovered dead at her home in Leeds.
3 to find out about sth; to find some information about sth: [VN] I've just discovered hang-gliding! + [V (that)] It was a shock to discover (that) he couldn't read. + [V wh-] We never did discover why she gave up her job. + [VN that] It was later discovered that the diaries were a fraud. + [VN to inf] He was later discovered to be seriously ill.
Help Note: This pattern is usually used in the passive.
4 [VN] [often passive] to be the first person to realize that sb is very good at singing, acting, etc. and help them to become successful and famous: The singer was discovered while still at school.
discoverer noun: the discoverer of penicillin + I was the lucky discoverer of a very valuable painting.

discover / invent / find out / learn / know
If you invent something, you make or design something that did not exist before.
If you discover something, you find something that already exists or learn about it for the first time, before anyone else does: Who discovered America?
You can also discover a piece of information that other people knew but you didn't: When did you discover that she's married?
If you learn something, you come to know it by study or enquiry: learning new vocabulary.
You can find something out either by chance or by study or enquiry: When did you find out that she's married?
If you know something, you have that knowledge or information in your mind: I couldn't find out what the word meant as it wasn't in my dictionary, but John told me, so now I know it.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 find (out), learn, perceive, unearth, uncover, bring to light, turn or dig up, smoke or search out, root or ferret out; determine, ascertain, track down, identify; locate:
He discovered the ninth moon of Saturn. We discovered why the tyre had gone flat.
2 see, spot, catch sight or a glimpse of, lay eyes on, behold, view, encounter, meet (with); notice, espy, descry, detect, discern:
He discovered Madagascar lying right on their course.
3 originate, conceive (of), devise, contrive, invent, make up, design, pioneer; come or chance or stumble upon:
She discovered a method for tin-plating gold.

Collocation dictionary


quickly, soon
We soon discovered we'd been mistaken.
| suddenly | subsequently | eventually


be amazed to, be astonished to, be astounded to, be a surprise to, be surprised to
She was surprised to discover he was perfectly capable around the house.
| be alarmed to, be appalled to, be dismayed to, be horrified to, be a shock to, be shocked to
It was a terrible shock to discover the full extent of the problem.
| be delighted to, be fascinated to, be intrigued to | be fascinating to
It would be fascinating to discover more about the town's history.
| be difficult to | be possible to | aim to | attempt to, try to
trying to discover the truth
| be able/unable to


an attempt to discover sth, newly/recently discovered
recently discovered evidence
| only to discover sth
I arrived at the campsite, only to discover that it was closed for the winter.
| an opportunity to discover sth, waiting to be discovered
There's great talent out there just waiting to be discovered.

Concise English dictionary

+discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of
+make a discovery, make a new finding
+get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
+make a discovery
+find unexpectedly
+make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret
+see for the first time; make a discovery
+identify as in botany or biology, for example