US: /ˈdɛpθ/
UK: /dˈɛpθ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

depth /depθ/
  • danh từ
    • chiều sâu, bề sâu, độ sâu; độ dày
      • the depth of a river: chiều sâu của con sông
      • a well five meters in depth: giếng sâu năm mét
      • atmospheric depth: độ dày của quyển khí
    • (từ lóng) sự sâu xa, tính thâm trầm (của tư tưởng...); tầm hiểu biết, năng lực, trình độ
      • a man of great depth: người có trình độ hiểu biết sâu
      • to be out of one's depth: (nghĩa bóng) bị ngợp; quá năng lực; không với tới được; quá tầm hiểu biết
      • to be beyond one's depth: quá khả năng, quá sức mình
    • chỗ sâu, chỗ thầm kín, đáy, chỗ tận cùng
      • in the depth of one's hear: trong thâm tâm, tận đáy lòng
      • in the depth(s) of winter: giữa mùa đông
      • in the depths of depair: trong cơn tuyệt vọng
      • a cry from the depths: tiếng kêu từ đáy lòng
    • (số nhiều) vực thẳm

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [C, U] the distance from the top or surface to the bottom of sth: What's the depth of the water here? + Water was found at a depth of 30 metres. + They dug down to a depth of two metres. + Many dolphins can dive to depths of 200 metres. + The oil well extended several hundreds of feet in depth. + the depth of a cut / wound / crack
2 [C, U] the distance from the front to the back of sth: The depth of the shelves is 30 centimetres.
of feelings
3 [U] the strength and power of feelings: the depth of her love / friendship / anger / fear
of knowledge
4 [U] (approving) the quality of knowing or understanding a lot of details about sth; the ability to provide and explain these details: a writer of great wisdom and depth + a job that doesn't require any great depth of knowledge + His ideas lack depth.
deepest part
5 [C, usually pl.] the deepest, most extreme or serious part of sth: the depths of the ocean + to live in the depths of the country (= a long way from a town) + in the depths of winter (= when it is coldest) + She was in the depths of despair + He gazed into the depths of her eyes. + Her paintings reveal hidden depths (= unknown and interesting things about her character).
of colour
6 [U] the strength of a colour: Strong light will affect the depth of colour of your carpets and curtains.
picture / photograph
7 [U] (technical) the quality in a work of art or a photograph which makes it appear not to be flat
See also - DEEP
Idioms: in depth in a detailed and thorough way: I haven't looked at the report in depth yet. + an in-depth study
be out of your depth
1 (BrE) to be in water that is too deep to stand in with your head above water: If you can't swim, don't go out of your depth.
2 to be unable to understand sth because it is too difficult; to be a situation that you cannot control: He felt totally out of his depth in his new job.
more at PLUMB v.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 deepness, extent, measure, profundity, profoundness:
The depth of the cavern was at least three miles.
2 profundity, profoundness, abstruseness, obscurity, reconditeness, complexity, intricacy:
There is great depth of meaning in many proverbs.
3 profundity, wisdom, sagacity, sageness, understanding, perception, astuteness, perspicacity, perspicaciousness, insight, intuition, acumen, penetration:
One would scarcely characterize Mickey Mouse as possessed of great depth.
4 intensity, profundity, strength; vividness, brilliance, brilliancy, brightness, richness:
It is hard for me to express the depth of my feeling for you. The depth of colour is much better in this picture.
5 depths. deep(s), abyss, abysm, chasm, bowels of the earth, (bottomless) pit, nethermost reaches or regions, nadir:
As we descended into the depths the temperature increased. She is in the depths of despair and needs your moral support.
6 in depth. thoroughly, comprehensively, in detail, profoundly, deeply, extensively, intensively, concentratedly, probingly:
The specialists have looked into the problem in depth and have no answer yet.

Collocation dictionary


considerable, great
going down to great depths below the surface Younger students cannot be expected to have great depth of understanding.
| shallow
Water normally moves more slowly at shallower depths.
| abyssal
the abyssal depths of the ocean
| black, dark, murky | surprising, unexpected
the unexpected depth of his feelings for her
| emotional
music of great emotional depth


at ~
The camera must be strong enough to resist the immense water pressure at depth.
| at/from/to a ~ of
These fish are found at a depth of over 100 metres.
| at/from/to a … ~
The clam burrows in the sand to a considerable depth.
| in ~
I studied phonology in depth at university.
| out of your ~
I don't like going out of my depth in the sea.
| ~s of
The rejection plunged her into the dark depths of despair.


the depths (of the ocean/sea)
sharks lurking in the murky grey depths of the sea
| depth of emotion/feeling
The demonstration showed the depth of feeling against the war.
| the ocean depths

Concise English dictionary

+extent downward or backward or inward
+degree of psychological or intellectual profundity
+(usually plural) the deepest and most remote part
+(usually plural) a low moral state
+the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas