US: /ˈdɛɫəkət/
UK: /dˈɛlɪkət/

English Vietnamese dictionary

delicate /'delikit/
  • tính từ
    • thanh nhã, thanh tú, thánh thú
      • delicate features: nét mặt thanh tú
    • mỏng manh, mảnh khảnh, mảnh dẻ; dễ vỡ (đồ thuỷ tinh...)
      • delicate health: sức khoẻ mỏng manh
      • delicate china-ware: đồ sứ dễ vỡ
    • tinh vi, tinh xảo, tinh tế; khéo léo, nhẹ nhàng; mềm mại
      • a delicate hand: bàn tay mềm mại
      • a very delicate operation: (y học) một ca mổ rất tinh vi
      • to give a delicate him: gợi ý khéo, nhắc khéo
    • tế nhị, khó xử
      • a delicate subject: vấn đề tế nhị
      • a delicate stituation: hoàn cảnh khó xử
    • lịch thiệp, khéo (trong cách đối xử), nhã nhặn, tế nhị, ý tứ
    • nhẹ, nhạt, phơn phớt (màu)
      • a delicate colour: màu phơn phớt
    • nhạy cảm, thính, nhạy
      • a delicate ear: tai thính
      • a delicate balance: cân nhạy
    • ngon; thanh cảnh
      • delicate food: món ăn thanh cảnh
    • nâng niu chiều chuộng, cảnh vẻ, yểu điệu, ẻo lả mềm yếu
      • delicate living: lối sống cảnh vẻ
      • delicate upbringing: cách dạy dỗ nâng niu chiều chuộng
    • (thơ ca) vui sướng, vui thích, khoái trí

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 easily damaged or broken
Synonym: FRAGILE
delicate china teacups + The eye is one of the most delicate organs of the body. + the delicate ecological balance of the rainforest + Babies have very delicate skin. + a cool wash cycle for delicate fabrics
2 (of a person) not strong and easily becoming ill: a delicate child / constitution + His health had always been delicate.
3 small and having a beautiful shape or appearance: his delicate hands + Women were treated like delicate flowers needing special treatment.
4 made or formed in a very careful and detailed way: the delicate mechanisms of a clock
5 showing or needing skilful, careful or sensitive treatment: I admired your delicate handling of the situation. + a delicate problem + The delicate surgical operation took five hours.
6 (of colours, flavours and smells) light and pleasant; not strong: a delicate fragrance / flavour + a river scene painted in delicate watercolours
delicately adverb: He stepped delicately over the broken glass. + delicately balanced flavours

Thesaurus dictionary

1 fragile, breakable, frail, tender, frangible, dainty; perishable, flimsy:
This filament is extremely delicate, so be careful.
2 fine, exquisite, dainty, graceful, elegant, subtle:
A delicate border of lace sets off the collar.
3 feeble, weak, sickly, frail, debilitated, weakened, enfeebled, unhealthy:
Her condition is too delicate for her to be moved.
4 critical, ticklish, sensitive, dangerous, tricky, precarious, touchy, Slang hairy; Colloq sticky:
Rescuing the survivors of the avalanche was a delicate operation.
5 dainty, squeamish, queasy, fastidious, prudish, Victorian, finicky, finical, refined, discriminating, discerning, sensitive, puristic, proper, coy, modest, demure:
In those days ladies were thought to be too delicate to mention such matters.
6 gradual, subtle, nice, precise, muted, soft, faint, subdued:
The delicate shading at the horizon is characteristic of this artist.

Collocation dictionary


be, feel, look
The glasses looked very delicate. Her bones felt as delicate as a bird's.
| become


extremely, very | quite, rather, somewhat
a rather delicate child This is a somewhat delicate subject.
| surprisingly
He had a surprisingly delicate touch.
| politically
a politically delicate situation

Concise English dictionary

+exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury
+marked by great skill especially in meticulous technique
+easily broken or damaged or destroyed
+easily hurt
+developed with extreme delicacy and subtlety
+difficult to handle; requiring great tact
+of an instrument or device; capable of registering minute differences or changes precisely