US: /dɪˈdus/
UK: /dɪdjˈuːs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

deduce /di'dju:s/
  • ngoại động từ
    • suy ra, luận ra, suy luận, suy diễn
    • vạch lại lai lịch nguồn gốc (của người nào...)

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
~ (sth) (from sth) (formal) to form an opinion about sth based on the information or evidence that is available
Synonym: INFER
[V that] Can we deduce from your silence that you do not approve? + [VN] We can deduce a lot from what people spend their money on. [also V wh-]
See also - DEDUCTION
deducible adjective: The answer is deducible from the evidence available.

Thesaurus dictionary

conclude, infer, understand, gather, assume, presume, derive, draw, work out, divine, glean, take it, suppose, surmise, suspect, Slang Brit suss out:
From the tone of his letter she deduced that he was going to change his mind.

Collocation dictionary


easily | logically
The total amount can be deduced logically from the figures available.


be able to, can | be possible to
Using the evidence available it is possible to deduce quite a lot about how these people lived.


We deduce from his behaviour that he is trying to gain attention.

Concise English dictionary

+reason by deduction; establish by deduction
+conclude by reasoning; in logic