US: /ˈdiˌkɹis/, /dɪˈkɹis/

English Vietnamese dictionary

decrease /'di:kri:s/
  • danh từ
    • sự giảm đi, sự giảm sút
      • the decrease in population: sự giảm số dân
      • a decrease of income: sự giảm thu nhập
      • to be on the decrease: đang trên đà giảm sút
  • danh từ
    • sắc lệnh, sắc luật; chiếu chỉ (của vua)
    • (pháp lý) bản án (của toà án)
    • deree nisi
      • (xem) nisi

Advanced English dictionary

verb, noun
+ verb
~ (from sth) (to sth) to become or make sth become smaller in size, number, etc: [V] The number of new students decreased from 210 to 160 this year. + The price of wheat has decreased by 15%. + This species of bird is decreasing in numbers every year. + a decreasing population + Donations have decreased significantly over the past few years. + [VN] People should decrease the amount of fat they eat.
+ noun [C, U] ~ (in sth)
~ (of sth) the process of reducing sth or the amount that sth is reduced by: There has been some decrease in military spending this year. + a decrease of nearly 6% in the number of visitors to the museum

Thesaurus dictionary

1 diminish, reduce, decline, lessen, lower, abate, fall off, shrink, shrivel (up), contract, dwindle, ebb, subside, wane, taper off, de-escalate, slacken, let up, ease (off or up), curtail, cut (down or back), Colloq run out of steam, US run out of gas:
Demand for tickets to rock concerts has decreased over the years. The number of applicants for work is decreasing.
2 diminution, reduction, decline, lessening, lowering, abatement, falling off, shrinking, shrivelling, contraction, decrement, dwindling, ebb, subsidence, tapering off, wane, de-escalation, slackening, easing (off or up), curtailment, cut, cut-back:
There has been no noticeable decrease in the price of houses in the south-east. Have you noticed the decrease in arrests for dangerous driving?

Collocation dictionary


dramatic, large, sharp, significant
There has been a sharp decrease in pollution since the law was introduced.
| slight, small | gradual, progressive, steady | corresponding
Fewer houses are available, but there is no corresponding decrease in demand.


This year's figures show a decrease of 30% on last year.
| report
Half the companies in the survey reported a decrease in sales.
| cause, lead to, result in


on the ~
Marriage is still on the decrease.
| ~ from … to …
a decrease from 62% to just under half
| ~ in
The new treatment led to a huge decrease in the number of deaths.
| ~ of
a decrease of 20%
| ~ to


considerably, dramatically, drastically, markedly, significantly | slightly
Spending has decreased slightly this year.
| rapidly | steadily | gradually


Crime has decreased by 20 per cent.
| from, to
Average family size has decreased from five to three children.
| with
The number of quarrels among children decreases with age.


decrease in number/size/value
The heart gradually decreases in size.

Concise English dictionary

+a change downward
+a process of becoming smaller or shorter
+the amount by which something decreases
+the act of decreasing or reducing something
+decrease in size, extent, or range
+make smaller