US: /kəˈnɛktɪd/
UK: /kənˈɛktɪd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

connected /kə'nektid/
  • tính từ
    • mạch lạc (bài nói, lý luận...)
    • có quan hệ vơi, có họ hàng với
      • well connected: có họ hàng thân thuộc với những người chức trọng quyền cao
    • (toán học) liên thông
      • connected space: không gian liên thông với nhau

Thesaurus dictionary

1 join or link or tie (together), unite:
An old road connects the two towns.
2 associate, affiliate, link, relate, league, tie (in):
The police connected him with the break-in. The institute is connected with a pharmaceuticals company.
3 fasten, bind, unite, tie, link, join, attach, couple, put together, secure, fit, fix, affix, stick, anchor, lock; rivet, weld, braze, solder, screw, nail, stitch, sew, pin, hook, staple, tack, glue, cement, fuse, seal, buckle, strap, bolt, lash, chain, moor:
Connect the parts to the frame.

Concise English dictionary

+connect, fasten, or put together two or more pieces
+make a logical or causal connection
+be or become joined or united or linked
+join by means of communication equipment
+land on or hit solidly
+join for the purpose of communication
+be scheduled so as to provide continuing service, as in transportation
+establish a rapport or relationship
+establish communication with someone
+plug into an outlet
+hit or play a ball successfully