US: /kəmˈjunəti/, /kəmˈjunɪti/
UK: /kəmjˈuːnɪtˌi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

community /kə'mju:niti/
  • danh từ
    • dân, dân chúng, nhân dân (cùng ở một địa phương, quận, huyện, khu phố, tỉnh...)
      • we must work for the welfare of the community: chúng ta phải làm việc vì phúc lợi của nhân dân
    • phường, hội, phái, nhóm người (cùng tôn giáo, cùng quốc tịch...)
      • a religious community: giáo phái
      • the foreign community in Paris: nhóm người ngoại quốc ở Pa-ri
    • sở hữu cộng đồng, sở hữu chung
      • community of religion: cộng đồng tôn giáo
      • community of interest: cộng đồng quyền lợi
    • (the community) công chúng, xã hội
    • community centre
      • câu lạc bộ khu vực
    • community singing
      • đồng ca, sự hát tập thể

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (plural communities)
1 [sing.] all the people who live in a particular area, country, etc. when talked about as a group: The local community was shocked by the murders. + health workers based in the community (= working with people in a local area) + the international community (= the countries of the world as a group) + good community relations with the police + (AmE) community parks / libraries (= paid for by the local town / city)
2 [C+sing./pl. v.] a group of people who share the same religion, race, job, etc: the Polish community in London + ethnic communities + the farming community
3 [U] the feeling of sharing things and belonging to a group in the place where you live: There is a strong sense of community in this town. + community spirit
4 [C] (biology) a group of animals or plants living or growing in the same place: a community fish tank

Collocation dictionary


large, small | close, close-knit, tight-knit
a close-knit fishing community
| lively, thriving, vibrant | international, local | wider
the concerns of the local and wider community
| ethnic, immigrant, minority, religious | Asian, black, etc.
the Asian community in Britain
| Christian, Muslim, etc. | farming, mining, etc. | rural, village | academic, business, gay, scientific


care, centre, college, service, work | action, relations | group, leader | spirit


in/within a/the ~
divisions within the scientific community


the community as a whole/at large
a cultural programme that should benefit the community at large
| a member of the community, part of a community, a pillar of the community
(= a strong supporter of the community),
a sense of community
There is a strong sense of community in this town.

Concise English dictionary

+a group of people living in a particular local area
+a group of people having ethnic or cultural or religious characteristics in common
+common ownership
+a group of nations having common interests
+the body of people in a learned occupation
+agreement as to goals
+a district where people live; occupied primarily by private residences
+(ecology) a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other