US: /ˈkɫæʃ/
UK: /klˈæʃ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

clash /klæʃ/
  • danh từ
    • tiếng chan chát, tiếng loảng xoảng
      • the clash of weapons: tiếng vũ khí va vào nhau loảng xoảng
    • sự xung đột, sự va chạm, sự mâu thuẫn, sự bất đồng
      • a clash of interests: sự xung đột về quyền lợi
    • sự không điều hợp (màu sắc)
    • động từ
      • va vào nhau chan chát, đập vào nhau chan chát
        • swords clash: kiếm đập vào nhau chan chát
      • đụng, va mạnh; đụng nhau
        • the two armies clashed outside the town: quân đội hai bên ngoài đường phố
        • I clashed into him: tôi đụng vào anh ta
      • va chạm, đụng chạm; mâu thuẫn
        • interests clash: quyền lợi va chạm
      • không điều hợp với nhau (màu sắc)
        • these colours clash: những màu này không điều hợp với nhau
      • rung (chuông) cùng một lúc; đánh (chuông...) cùng một lúc
      • (+ against, into, upon) xông vào nhau đánh

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 ~ (with sb)
    ~ (between A and B) a short fight between two groups of people: Clashes broke out between police and demonstrators. + Eight people were wounded in a clash with border guards.
    2 ~ (with sb) (over sth)
    ~ (between A and B) (over sth) an argument between two people or groups of people who have different beliefs and ideas: a head-on clash between the two leaders over education policy
    3 the difference that exists between two things that are opposed to each other: a clash of interests / opinions / cultures + a personality clash with the boss
    of two events
    4 a situation in which two events happen at the same time so that you cannot go to or see them both: a clash in the timetable / schedule
    of colours
    5 the situation when two colours, designs, etc. look ugly when they are put together
    loud noise
    6 a loud noise made by two metal objects being hit together: a clash of cymbals / swords
    in sport
    7 (used in newspapers, about sports) an occasion when two teams or players compete against each other: Bayern's clash with Real Madrid in the European Cup
    + verb
    fight / compete
    1 [V] ~ (with sb) to come together and fight or compete in a contest: The two sets of supporters clashed outside the stadium. + The two teams clash in tomorrow's final. + Demonstrators clashed violently with police.
    2 [V] ~ (with sb) (over / on sth) to argue or disagree seriously with sb about sth, and to show this in public: The leaders clashed with party members on the issue. + The leaders and members clashed on the issue.
    be different
    3 [V] ~ (with sth) (of beliefs, ideas or personalities) to be very different and opposed to each other: His left-wing views clashed with his father's politics. + His views and his father's clashed. + They have clashing personalities.
    of two events
    4 [V] ~ (with sth) (of events) to happen at the same time so that you cannot go to or see them both: Unfortunately your party clashes with a wedding I'm going to. + There are two good movies on TV tonight, but they clash.
    of colours
    5 [V] ~ (with sth) (of colours, patterns or styles) to look ugly when put together: The wallpaper clashes with the carpet. + The wallpaper and the carpet clash. + Do you think these colours clash?
    make loud noise
    6 ~ (sth) (together) to hit together and make a harsh ringing noise; to make two metal objects do this: [V] The long blades clashed together. + [VN] She clashed the cymbals.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 crash, clang, clank, clangour:
    The concerto ends with a clash of cymbals.
    2 collision, smash, (hostile) encounter, conflict, engagement, fight, battle, disagreement, difference, argument, dispute, altercation, quarrel, squabble:
    He has witnessed many a clash between the prime minister and parliament.
    3 conflict, fight, battle, disagree, differ, argue, dispute, quarrel, squabble, feud, wrangle, cross swords:
    My brother and I always clash on the question of who should pay our father's hospital bills.
    4 conflict, disharmonize, jar, be at odds or out of keeping:
    The pink of the blouse and the fuchsia of the skirt clash badly.

    Collocation dictionary


    angry, bitter, fierce, serious | armed, bloody, violent | head-on
    The leaders are preparing for a head-on clash at the summit.
    | culture, personality


    lead to


    break out


    in a/the ~
    Several people were injured in violent clashes with the police.
    | ~ between
    Clashes between the rebels and government forces have broken out in the north.
    | ~ of
    a clash of opinions
    | ~ over
    Differences in the aims of the two unions have led to serious clashes over policy.
    | ~ with


    a clash of cultures/interests/wills


    violently | repeatedly


    He has clashed repeatedly with the team coach over training schedules.
    | with
    They often clash violently with rival gangs.

    Concise English dictionary

    +a loud resonant repeating noise
    +a state of conflict between persons
    +a state of conflict between colors
    +a minor short-term fight
    +crash together with violent impact
    +be incompatible; be or come into conflict
    +disagree violently