US: /ˈtʃeɪndʒ/
UK: /t‍ʃˈe‍ɪnd‍ʒ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

change /tʃeindʤ/
  • danh từ
    • sự đổi, sự thay đổi, sự biến đổi
      • to undergo a complete change: thay đổi hoàn toàn
      • just for a change: để thay đổi một chút
      • change for the better: sự thay đổi tốt hơn
      • change for the worse: sự thay đổi xấu đi
      • a change of air: sự thay đổi không khí, sự thay đổi môi trường
      • the changes of life: những nỗi thăng trầm của cuộc sống
      • change of mind (heart): sự thay đổi ý kiến, sự thay đổi ý định; sự thay đổi kế hoạch
    • trăng non
    • bộ quần áo sạch (để dự phòng) ((cũng) a change of clothes)
    • tiền đổi, tiền lẻ
    • tiền phụ lại (cho khách hàng)
    • nơi đổi tàu xe
    • sự giao dịch chứng khoán; thị trường chứng khoán (ở Luân-đôn) ((cũng) Change, (viết tắt) của Exchange)
    • (số nhiều) trật tự rung chuông
    • change of life
      • (y học) thời kỳ mãn kinh
    • to get no change out of somebody
      • không địch lại được ai (trong cuộc tranh luận); không cạnh tranh nổi ai (trong việc buôn bán)
    • (thông tục) không móc được của ai cái gì
    • to ring the changes on a subject
      • lặp đi lặp lại một vấn đề dưới hình thức khác nhau, nhai đi nhai lại một vấn đề dưới những hình thức khác nhau
    • to take one's (the) change out of somebody
      • (thông tục) trả thù ai
  • ngoại động từ
    • đổi, thay, thay đổi
      • to change one's coat: thay áo
    • đổi, đổi chác
      • to change something for something: đổi lấy cái gì
      • to change places with somebody: đổi chỗ cho ai
      • thing changes hands: vật thay tay đổi chủ
    • (+ to, into, from) biến đổi, đổi thành
    • đổi ra tiền lẻ
      • to change a bank-note: đổi tờ giấy bạc ra tiền lẻ
  • nội động từ
    • thay đổi, biến đổi
      • all things change: mọi vật đều thay đổi
    • sang tuần trăng mới, sang tuần trăng non (trăng)
      • when does the moon change?: khi nào sang tuần trăng mới, khi nào có trăng non?
    • thay quần áo
      • I'll change and come down at once: tôi sẽ thay quần áo và xuống ngay
    • đổi tàu xe
      • we must change at the next station: đến ga sau chúng ta sẽ phải đổi tàu
    • to change about
      • trở mặt
    • to change down
      • trả số, xuống số (ô tô)
    • to change colour
      • (xem) colour
    • to change one's condition
      • (xem) condition
    • to change front
      • đổi chiều đổi hướng (trong cuộc tranh luận...)
    • (thông tục) thay giày
    • đổi chân nhịp (khi diễu hành theo nhịp trống)

Advanced English dictionary

verb, noun
+ verb
become / make different
1 [V] to become different: Rick hasn't changed. He looks exactly the same as he did at school. + changing attitudes towards education + Her life changed completely when she won the lottery.
2 [VN] to make sb/sth different: Fame hasn't really changed him. + Information technology has changed the way people work.
3 ~ (sb/sth) (from A) to / into B to pass or make sb/sth pass from one state or form into another: [V] Caterpillars change into butterflies. + Wait for the traffic lights to change. + The lights changed from red to green. + [VN] With a wave of her magic wand, she changed the frog into a handsome prince.
4 [VN] to stop having one state, position or direction and start having another: Leaves change colour in autumn. + The wind has changed direction. + Our ship changed course.
5 [VN] ~ sb/sth (for sb/sth)
~ sth (to sth) to replace one thing, person, service, etc. with sth new or different: I want to change my doctor. + We change our car every two years. + We changed the car for a bigger one. + Marie changed her name when she got married. + She changed her name to his. + That back tyre needs changing.
6 [VN] ~ sth (with sb) (used with a plural object) to exchange positions, places, etc. with sb else, so that you have what they have, and they have what you have: At half-time the teams change ends. + Can we change seats? + Can I change seats with you?
7 ~ (into sth)
~ (out of sth) to put on different or clean clothes: [V] I went into the bedroom to change. + She changed into her swimsuit. + You need to change out of those wet things. + [VN] (especially BrE) I didn't have time to get changed before the party (= to put different clothes on). + (especially AmE) I didn't have time to change clothes before the party.
8 [VN] to put clean clothes or a clean NAPPY/ DIAPER on a baby: She can't even change a nappy. + The baby needs changing. + There are baby changing facilities in all our stores.
9 [VN] to put clean sheets, etc. on a bed: to change the sheets + Could you help me change the bed?
10 [VN] ~ sth (into sth) to exchange money into the money of another country: Where can I change my traveller's cheques? + to change dollars into yen
11 [VN] ~ sth (for / into sth) to exchange money for the same amount in different coins or notes: Can you change a £20 note? + to change a dollar bill for four quarters
12 [VN] ~ sth (for sth) (BrE) to exchange sth that you have bought for sth else, especially because there is sth wrong with it; to give a customer a new item because there is sth wrong with the one they have bought: This shirt I bought's too small-I'll have to change it for a bigger one. + Of course we'll change it for a larger size, Madam.
bus / train / plane
13 to go from one bus, train, etc. to another in order to continue a journey: [V] Where do I have to change? + Change at Reading (for London). + [VN] I stopped in Moscow only to change planes.
Idioms: change hands to pass to a different owner: The house has changed hands several times.
change horses in midstream to change to a different or new activity while you are in the middle of sth else; to change from supporting one person or thing to another
change your / sb's mind to change a decision or an opinion: Nothing will make me change my mind.
change your tune (informal) to express a different opinion or behave differently when your situation changes: Wait until it happens to him-he'll soon change his tune.
change your ways to start to live or behave in a different way from before: He was in trouble with the police as a teenager but now he's completely changed his ways.
more at CHOP v., LEOPARD, PLACE n.
Phrasal Verbs: change back (into sb/sth) to return to a previous situation, form, etc: Only time will tell whether things can ever change back to the way they were. + The music changed back to a funky disco beat.
change back (into sth) to take off your clothes and put on what you were wearing earlier: She changed back into her work clothes.
change sth back (into sth) to exchange an amount of money into the CURRENCY that it was in before: You can change back unused dollars into pounds at the bank.
change down (BrE) to start using a lower GEAR when you are driving a car, etc: Change down into second. + to change down from fourth (gear) into third
change over (from sth) (to sth) to change from one system or position to another: The farm has changed over to organic methods.
related noun CHANGEOVER
change up (BrE) to start using a higher GEAR when driving a car, etc: Change up into fifth.
+ noun
1 [C, U] ~ (in / to sth) the act or result of sth becoming different: a change in the weather + important changes to the tax system + There was no change in the patient's condition overnight. + She is someone who hates change. + social / political / economic change
sth new and interesting
2 (a change) [sing.] ~ (from sth) the fact of a situation, a place or an experience being different from what is usual and therefore likely to be interesting, enjoyable, etc: Finishing early was a welcome change. + Let's stay in tonight for a change. + Can you just listen for a change? + It makes a change to read some good news for once.
replacing sth
3 [C] ~ (of sth)
~ (from sth to sth) the process of replacing sth with sth new or different; a thing that is used to replace sth: a change of address + The country needs a change of government. + a change from agriculture to industry + There will be a crew change when we land at Dubai. + (BrE) Let's get away for the weekend. A change of scene (= time in a different place) will do you good.
of clothes
4 ~ of clothes, etc. [C] an extra set of clothes, etc: She packed a change of clothes for the weekend. + I keep a change of shoes in the car.
5 [U] the money that you get back when you have paid for sth giving more money than the amount it costs: Don't forget your change! + That's 40p change. + The ticket machine gives change.
6 [U] coins rather than paper money: Do you have any change for the phone? + a pound / dollar in change (= coins that together are worth one pound / dollar) + I didn't have any small change (= coins of low value) to leave as a tip. + He puts his loose change in a money box for the children. + Could you give me change for a ten pound note (= coins or notes that are worth this amount)?
of bus / train / plane
7 [C] an occasion when you go from one bus, train or plane to another during a journey: The journey involved three changes.
Idioms: a change for the better / worse a person, thing, situation, etc. that is better/worse than the previous or present one: Voters see the new leader as a change for the better.
a change of heart if you have a change of heart, your attitude towards sth changes, usually making you feel more friendly, helpful, etc: Dan did not want to get married but recently he's had a change of heart.
the change of life (informal) = MENOPAUSE
a change of mind an act of changing what you think about a situation, etc.
get no change out of sb (BrE, spoken) to get no help or information from sb: We got no change out of the legal department.
more at RING v., WIND n.
change / alter / modify / vary
Change has the most general use and describes any act of making something different: Marriage has changed her. + The rules are always being changed.
Alter can be used instead of change, especially when you are talking about the differences between one time and another. It can sound more formal: Marriage has altered her. + The rules are always being altered.
You also alter something by making a difference in its appearance, character or use: Some of my old dresses will have to be altered to fit me now. You cannot use change here.
Modify is more formal than change and suggests making something more suitable for a particular situation: Adults often modify their language when talking to young children. It is also the word you use when you are talking about making changes to the design of something:
The design of the car has been modified for racing.

Vary describes something that changes often, especially so that it remains interesting and effective: I think you need to vary your diet a little more.
Change, alter and vary can also be used without an object: You never change/alter. + Opinions on this vary quite a lot.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 substitution, replacement, exchange, interchange, switch:
You have five minutes for a change of costume. This sunny weather is certainly a change for the better.
2 variation, difference, switch, variety, novelty:
We prefer to live where there is a change of the seasons, not in the tropics.
3 variation, alteration, change-over, mutation, shift, modulation, modification, transformation, metamorphosis, revolution:
I can't believe the change that has come over Betty since the divorce.
4 coin(s), coppers, silver; (hard) cash:
I need some change for the coffee machine.
5 exchange, interchange, switch, trade; replace (with), substitute, Colloq swap or swop:
I won't be a minute, I just want to change my shoes. I'd like to change this shirt for a larger size.
6 modify, alter, modulate; mutate, transform, metamorphose:
Antoinette has changed since her marriage. I never thought anyone would be able to make her change her mind.
7 fluctuate, shift, vary; vacillate:
The temperature often changes very rapidly here.
8 change to or into. turn into, become, transform, mutate, transmute, convert, metamorphose:
The alchemists tried to change base metal into gold. Every winter changes into spring - sooner or later.

Collocation dictionary

1 becoming/making sb/sth different


big, considerable, dramatic, drastic, enormous, extensive, far-reaching, fundamental, important, major, marked, massive, momentous, profound, radical, revolutionary, sea, significant, substantial, sweeping, wholesale
Television has undergone a sea change in the last two years.
| complete | irreversible | systematic | cosmetic, marginal, minimal, minor, slight, small, subtle | long-term, short-term | abrupt, rapid, sudden | gradual | seasonal | net, overall
net change in incomes
| global | qualitative, quantitative | beneficial, desirable, effective, exciting, nice, pleasant, refreshing, welcome | unwelcome | unanticipated, unexpected, unforeseen | climate, constitutional, cultural, demographic, economic, environmental, legislative, organizational, political, population, social, structural, technological | culture, gear, name, policy, rule, sex
the need for a culture change within the industry He made a rapid gear change as he approached the bend.


I made a couple of minor changes to my opening paragraph. It made a pleasant change not having to work.
| bring about, cause, effect, force, produce
How far does war bring about social change?
| introduce
We are going to introduce a few changes to the system.
| undergo | show
He needs to show a change in attitude if he is to succeed.
| reflect
Courses offered in schools reflect changes in the job market.
| adapt to
Businesses have to adapt to change.
| call for, demand
He called for a change of mood in Scottish politics.
| oppose, resist
We resist change because of fear of the unknown.
| prevent | be subject to
Train times are subject to change without notice.


occur, take place
Major economic changes have occurred recently.


for a ~
I usually take the bus to town, but today I cycled for a change.
| ~ from, ~ in
The last few years have seen a change in attitudes to single parents.
| ~ of
a change of government
| ~ to
the change from the old to the new system


a change for the better/worse
I reckon we've all made a big change for the better.
| a change of clothes
(= an extra set of clothes to change into)Take a change of clothes in case you get dirty.
| a change of heart/mind
He said he's not coming, but he might have a change of heart.
| a change of scene
I needed a change of scene after being in the job for so long.
| a climate of change
In the current climate of change, adaptability is vital.
| the pace/rate of change
A successful company must keep up with the pace of technological change.
| a period of change
The eighties were a period of great change in publishing.
| the tide of change
The president realized he could not hold back the tide of change, and resigned.

2 coins/notes of low value


loose, small
He emptied his pockets of loose change.


in ~
I've got about 25 dollars in change.
| ~ for
Ask the cashier if she has change for a £20 note.

3 money you get back if you pay too much


check, count | give
This machine does not give change.
| get | take | keep
I told the taxi driver to keep the change.


~ from/out of
The meal left me with not much change from £100.


considerably, dramatically, fundamentally, a lot, radically, significantly
Our way of life has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Jane has changed a lot since she went to university.
| completely | (very) little
The village has actually changed very little in the last hundred years.
| all the time, constantly, continually
The language is changing all the time.
| fast, rapidly, suddenly
Attitudes to marriage are changing fast.
| gradually, slowly


Leeds changed from a small market town into a busy city.
| into, to
His anger changed to sadness.


change out of all recognition
The town had changed out of all recognition.

Concise English dictionary

+an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another
+a relational difference between states; especially between states before and after some event
+the action of changing something
+the result of alteration or modification
+the balance of money received when the amount you tender is greater than the amount due
+a thing that is different
+a different or fresh set of clothes
+coins of small denomination regarded collectively
+money received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or a different currency
+a difference that is usually pleasant
+undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature
+cause to change; make different; cause a transformation
+make or become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence
+lay aside, abandon, or leave for another
+change clothes; put on different clothes
+exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category
+give to, and receive from, one another
+change from one vehicle or transportation line to another
+become deeper in tone
+remove or replace the coverings of