US: /ˈbaʊnd/
UK: /bˈa‍ʊnd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

bound /baund/
  • danh từ
    • biên giới
    • (số nhiều) giới hạn; phạm vi; hạn độ
      • out of bounds: ngoài phạm vi, ngoài giới hạn (đã được quy định)
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) cấm vào (khu vực)
      • to put bounds to: quy định giới hạn cho, quy định phạm vi cho
  • ngoại động từ
    • giáp giới với; là biên giới của
    • vạch biên giới
    • quy định giới hạn cho
    • (nghĩa bóng) hạn chế, tiết chế
    • danh từ
      • sự nảy lên; sự nhảy lên, sự nhảy vọt lên
      • cú nảy lên, động tác nhảy vọt lên
        • to advance by leaps and bound: tiến nhảy vọt
    • nội động từ
      • nảy bật lên; nhảy lên
      • tính từ
        • sắp đi, đi, đi hướng về
          • this ship is bound for China: tàu này (sắp) đi Trung quốc
          • homeward bound: trở về nước (tàu thuỷ)
        • to be bound up with
          • gắn bó với
        • the peasantry is bound up with the working class: giai cấp nông dân gắn bó với giai cấp công nhân
        • to be bound to
          • nhất định, chắc chắn
        • to be bound to win
          • nhất định thắng
        • to be bound to succeed: chắc chắn thành công
      • thời quá khứ & động tính từ quá khứ của bind

      Advanced English dictionary

      adjective, verb, noun-see also BIND, BOUND, BOUND v.
      + adjective [not before noun]
      1 ~ to do / be sth certain or likely to happen, or to do or be sth: There are bound to be changes when the new system is introduced. + It's bound to be sunny again tomorrow. + You've done so much work-you're bound to pass the exam. + It was bound to happen sooner or later (= we should have expected it). + You're bound to be nervous the first time (= it's understandable).
      2 ~ (by sth)
      ~ (by sth) (to do sth) forced to do sth by law, duty or a particular situation: We are not bound by the decision. + You are bound by the contract to pay before the end of the month. + (BrE, formal) I am bound to say I disagree with you on this point. + They are legally bound to appear in court.
      3 (in compounds) prevented from going somewhere or from working normally by the conditions mentioned: Strike-bound travellers face long delays. + fogbound airports
      4 ~ (for ...) (also in compounds) travelling, or ready to travel, in a particular direction or to a particular place: homeward bound (= going home) + a plane bound for Dublin + Paris-bound + northbound / southbound / eastbound / westbound
      Idioms: be bound together by / in sth to be closely connected: communities bound together by customs and traditions
      be bound up in sth very busy with sth; very interested or involved in sth: He's too bound up in his work to have much time for his children.
      bound up with sth closely connected with sth: From that moment my life became inextricably bound up with hers.
      I'll be bound (old-fashioned, BrE, informal) I feel sure: They're up to some mischief, I'll be bound!
      more at HONOUR n.
      + verb
      1 [V +adv./prep.] to run with long steps, especially in an enthusiastic way: The dogs bounded ahead.
      2 [VN] [usually passive] (formal) to form the edge or limit of an area: The field was bounded on the left by a wood.
      + noun (written) a high or long jump: The dog cleared the gate in one bound.
      See also - BOUNDS
      Idioms see LEAP n.

      Thesaurus dictionary

      1 Usually, bounds. boundary, boundary-line, limit(s), extent, border(s), confines:
      Please try to keep the dogs within the bounds of the estate. Carl's plan is beyond the bounds of common sense.
      2 limit, restrict, confine, delimit, define, circumscribe:
      The river bounds the property on the east.
      1 leap, jump, vault, spring; bounce, hop:
      With a great bound, the dog was upon me.
      2 by leaps and bounds. See leap, 7, below.
      3 leap, jump, hop, spring, vault, gambol, caper, romp, frolic, bounce, Colloq galumph:
      The wolfhound came bounding towards me across the meadow.
      1 tied, fast, fixed, fastened, confined, secured:
      We were bound hand and foot and left in the cave.
      2 obliged, obligated, required, constrained, forced, compelled:
      In the circumstances, Philippa was bound to do as she was told.
      3 determined, resolved:
      Otto is bound to go to the party if Antonia is going.
      4 likely, certain, sure, destined, predestined, fated, doomed:
      He is bound to get the sack if he goes on turning up late.
      5 destined, scheduled, booked; headed, directed:
      We were bound for Cardiff.

      Collocation dictionary

      1 bound to do sth certain to do sth


      be, seem


      These problems were almost bound to arise.

      2 bound (to do sth): obliged to do sth


      be, feel | become | remain | hold sb
      The president said the country could not be held bound by a treaty signed by the previous regime.


      absolutely | irrevocably | by law, contractually, legally
      Officials are bound by law to investigate any possible fraud. He was legally bound to report them to the authorities.
      | (in) honour, in duty
      I felt in duty bound to report the incident.


      We are legally bound by this decision.

      3 travelling in a particular direction




      homeward, outward


      tourists who are bound for Europe

      4 bound up: closely connected


      be | become


      closely, intimately | inevitably, inextricably | intrinsically | together
      A person's name and their sense of their own identity are often closely bound up together.


      From that moment my life became inextricably bound up with hers.

      Concise English dictionary

      +a line determining the limits of an area
      +the line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something
      +the greatest possible degree of something
      +a light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards
      +move forward by leaps and bounds
      +form the boundary of; be contiguous to
      +place limits on (extent or access)
      +spring back; spring away from an impact
      +held with another element, substance or material in chemical or physical union
      +confined by bonds
      +secured with a cover or binding; often used as a combining form
      +(usually followed by `to') governed by fate
      +covered or wrapped with a bandage
      +headed or intending to head in a certain direction; often used as a combining form as in `college-bound students'
      +bound by an oath
      +bound by contract
      +confined in the bowels

      +something that hinders as if with bonds
      +stick to firmly
      +create social or emotional ties
      +make fast; tie or secure, with or as if with a rope
      +wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose
      +secure with or as if with ropes
      +bind by an obligation; cause to be indebted
      +form a chemical bond with
      +provide with a binding
      +fasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord
      +cause to be constipated