US: /ˈbɑɹɡən/, /ˈbɑɹɡɪn/
UK: /bˈɑːɡɪn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

bargain /'bɑ:gin/
  • danh từ
    • sự mặc cả, sự thoả thuận mua bán; giao kèo mua bán
      • to make a bargain with somebody: mặc cả với ai
    • món mua được, món hời, món bở, cơ hội tốt (buôn bán)
      • that was a bargain indeed!: món ấy bở thật đấy!
      • a good bargain: nón hời
      • a bad bargain: món hớ
    • to be off (with) one's bargain
      • huỷ bỏ giao kèo mua bán, thất ước trong việc mua bán
    • to bind a bargain
      • (xem) bind
    • to buy at a bargain
      • mua được giá hời
    • to close (conclude, strike, settle) a bargain
      • ngả giá, thoả thuận, ký giao kèo mua bán
    • to drive a hard bargain
      • mặc cả, cò kè, bớt một thêm hai mãi
    • into the bargain
      • thêm vào đó, hơn nữa, vả lại
    • wet (Dutch) bargain
      • cuộc thương lượng mua bán kết thúc bằng chầu rượu mừng
  • động từ
    • mặc cả, thương lượng, mua bán
      • to bargain with somebody for something: thương lượng (mặc cả) với ai để mua bán cái gì
    • to bargain away
      • bán giá hạ, bán lỗ
    • to bargain for
      • mong đợi, chờ đón; tính trước
    • that's more than I bargained: điều đó thật quá với sự mong đợi của tôi
    bargain-sale /'bɑ:ginseil/
  • danh từ
    • sự bán hạ giá

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 a thing bought for less than the usual price: I picked up a few good bargains in the sale. + The car was a bargain at that price. + bargain prices
2 ~ (with sb) an agreement between two or more people or groups, to do sth for each other: He and his partner had made a bargain to tell each other everything. + I've done what I promised and I expect you to keep your side of the bargain (= do what you agreed in return). + Finally the two sides struck a bargain (= reached an agreement).
Idioms: into the bargain (BrE) (AmE in the bargain) (used to emphasize an extra piece of information) also; as well: Volunteers learn a lot and enjoy themselves into the bargain.
more at HARD adj., STRIKE v.
+ verb [V] ~ (with sb) (about / over / for sth) to discuss prices, conditions, etc. with sb in order to reach an agreement that is satisfactory: He said he wasn't prepared to bargain. + In the market dealers were bargaining with growers over the price of coffee.
Phrasal Verbs: bargain sth<->away to give sth away and not get sth of equal value in return: They felt that their leaders had bargained away their freedom.
bargain for / on sth (usually in negative sentences) to expect sth to happen and be prepared for it: We hadn't bargained for this sudden change in the weather. + When he agreed to answer a few questions, he got more than he bargained for (= he got more questions, or more difficult ones, than he had expected). + [+ -ing] I didn't bargain on finding them here as well. + I hadn't bargained on them being here.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 agreement, contract, understanding, arrangement, covenant, pact, compact, settlement, transaction, deal:
We made a bargain - I would provide the materials and he would do the work.
2 good deal, Colloq give-away, US steal:
If you paid only $100 for this painting, you got a real bargain.
3 negotiate, trade, haggle, barter, dicker, chaffer:
We bargained far into the night, and finally came to an agreement after eight hours of discussion.
4 bargain for. expect, count on, anticipate, foresee, take into account, allow for, be prepared for:
Even though the storm had been predicted, it was windier than we had bargained for.

Collocation dictionary

1 sth sold at a lower price


absolute, amazing, good, real


find, get, pick up
I picked up a really good bargain in the market.


buy, price | hunter, hunting | holiday | basement

2 agreement


excellent, good


make, strike


into the ~
(= as well)He's very strong and completely fearless into the bargain.
| ~ between
A bargain was struck between the employers and the unions.
| ~ with
I'll make a bargain with you.


drive a hard bargain
(= force sb to agree to the arrangement that is best for you),
keep (to) your half/part/side of the bargain
You haven't kept your side of the bargain.
| sb's side/part/half of the bargain
Her part of the bargain was to look after the car.


He bargained hard and was stubborn.
| collectively
the right of workers to bargain collectively


He was prepared to bargain about money.
| for
to bargain for a decent wage
| over
crowds of men bargaining over horses
| with
He tried to bargain with her.

Concise English dictionary

+an agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each
+an advantageous purchase
+negotiate the terms of an exchange
+come to terms; arrive at an agreement