US: /əˈsɫip/
UK: /ɐslˈiːp/

English Vietnamese dictionary

asleep /ə'sli:p/
  • phó từ & tính từ
    • ngủ, đang ngủ
      • to fall asleep: ngủ thiếp đi
      • to be asleep: ngủ, đang ngủ
    • tê cóng, tê bại (chân tay)
    • quay tít (con cù)

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
[not before noun] sleeping: The baby was sound asleep (= sleeping deeply) upstairs. + I waited until they were all fast asleep (= sleeping deeply). + He was so exhausted that he fell asleep at his desk. + She was still half asleep (= not fully awake) when she arrived at work. + The police found him asleep in a garage.
Idioms see SOUND adv.

Collocation dictionary


be, lie, seem
The baby lay peacefully asleep in its pram. All the houses seemed asleep.
| drop, fall
I fell asleep almost immediately.
| remain, stay


deeply, fast, heavily, sound
The children were all sound asleep in bed.
| almost, half, nearly
At the end of the afternoon they were exhausted and half asleep.
| peacefully | still

Concise English dictionary

+in a state of sleep
+lacking sensation
+into a sleeping state
+in the sleep of death