US: /ˈæskt/, /ˈæst/
UK: /ˈɑːskt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

ask /ɑ:sk/
  • động từ
    • hỏi
      • to ask the time: hỏi giờ
    • xin, yêu cầu, thỉnh cầu
      • to ask a favour of someone: xin ai một đặc ân
      • to ask somebody to do something: yêu cầu ai làm gì
    • mời
      • to ask someone to dinner: mời cơm ai
    • đòi hỏi
      • it asks [for] attention: điều đó đòi hỏi sự chú ý
    • đòi
      • to ask 600đ for a bicycle: đòi 600đ một cái xe đạp
    • (thông tục) chuốc lấy
      • to ask for trouble; to ask for it: chuốc lấy sự phiền luỵ
    • to ask about
      • hỏi về
    • to ask after
      • hỏi thăm
    • ask me another!
      • (thông tục) không biết, đừng hỏi tôi nữa!
    • to ask the banns
      • (xem) bann

Thesaurus dictionary

1 question, interrogate, query, quiz; inquire or enquire (of):
Let's ask the policeman for information. Just ask directions of any passer-by. I merely asked if you were going my way.
2 demand, require, expect, request:
Doing his laundry is a lot to ask.
3 beg, apply (to), appeal (to), seek (from), solicit (from), petition, plead (to), beg, beseech, pray, entreat, implore:
In the streets, thousands of beggars ask passers-by for alms.
4 invite, bid, summon:
Nellie asked me to dinner.
5 ask after or about. inquire or enquire after or about:
My sister asked after you - wanted to know how you were getting along.
6 ask for.
(a) invite, attract, encourage, provoke:
You're asking for trouble if you walk alone through that neighbourhood after dark.
(b) request, seek:
We asked for more time to finish the project.

Concise English dictionary

+inquire about
+make a request or demand for something to somebody
+direct or put; seek an answer to
+consider obligatory; request and expect
+require or ask for as a price or condition
+address a question to and expect an answer from
+require as useful, just, or proper