English Vietnamese dictionary

act /ækt/
  • danh từ
    • hành động, việc làm, cử chỉ, hành vi
      • act of violence: hành động bạo lực
      • act of madness: hành động điên rồ
    • đạo luật
      • to pass an act: thông qua một đạo luật
      • act of parliament: một đạo luật của quốc hội
    • chứng thư
      • to take act: chứng nhận
      • I deliver this as my act and deed: tôi xin nộp cái này coi như chứng nhận của tôi (nói khi ký)
    • hồi, màn (trong vở kịch)
      • a play in five acts: vở kịch năm màn
    • tiết mục (xiếc, ca múa nhạc...)
    • luận án, khoá luận
    • to be in act to
      • sắp sửa (làm gì)
    • to be in act to fire: sắp bắn
    • in the very act [of]
      • khi đang hành động, quả tang
    • to be caught in the very act: bị bắt quả tang
    • to put on an act
      • (từ lóng) khoe mẽ, nói khoe
  • ngoại động từ
    • đóng vai (kịch, chèo, tuồng, phim)
      • to act Hamlet: đóng vai Hăm-lét
    • giả vờ, giả đò "đóng kịch"
      • to act madness: giả vờ điên
      • to act a part: đóng một vai; giả đò
  • nội động từ
    • hành động
      • to act like a fool: hành động như một thằng điên
    • cư xử, đối xử
      • to act kindly towards someone: đối xử tử tế với ai
    • giữ nhiệm vụ, làm công tác, làm
      • to act as interpreter: làm phiên dịch
      • he acted as director in the latter's absence: anh ấy thay quyền ông giám đốc khi ông giám đốc đi vắng
    • tác động, có tác dụng, có ảnh hưởng
      • alcohol acts on the nerves: rượu có tác động đến thần kinh
      • the brake refused to act: phanh không ăn
    • đóng kịch, diễn kịch, thủ vai
      • to act very well: thủ vai rất đạt
    • (+ upon, on) hành động theo, làm theo
      • to act upon someone's advice: hành động theo lời khuyên của ai
    • (+ up to) thực hành cho xứng đáng với, hành động cho xứng đáng với
      • to act up to one's reputation: hành động xứng đáng với thanh danh của mình

Advanced English dictionary

+ abbreviation
American College Test (an exam that some high school students take before they go to college)

Thesaurus dictionary

1 deed, action, undertaking, operation, step, move; feat, exploit; accomplishment, achievement:
The first act of the new commission was to ban smoking in public places.
2 performance, show, bit, skit, stand, routine, turn, sketch, Colloq thing, Slang US shtick:
Stand-up comedians do their acts in nightclubs.
3 performance, pretence, posture, stance, feigning, front, fake, dissimulation, show, deception, hoax, affectation:
She didn't mean what she said - it was just an act.
4 bill, law, decree, edict, statute, order, ordinance, command, mandate, resolution, measure, enactment:
Are the opening hours of public houses in England regulated by act of Parliament?
5 behave (oneself), carry on, deport oneself, comport oneself, conduct oneself:
I don't know how she'll act when we're in public.
6 perform, play, do:
She is acting in the West End.
7 portray, represent, impersonate, act out, personify, take or play the part or role of, personate:
Reginald acts the fool whenever he has had too much to drink.
8 feign, pretend, counterfeit, fake, dissemble, make believe, sham, simulate, dissimulate, posture:
You may think him sincere, but I know he is just acting.
9 take effect, work, operate, function, perform:
This drug will act only if taken with meals.

Collocation dictionary

1 thing that sb does


charitable, kind | heroic
a heroic act of bravery
| aggressive, barbaric, hostile, provocative, terrorist, violent | appalling, despicable, outrageous, terrible | criminal, illegal, unlawful, wrongful | careless, foolish, impulsive | conscious, deliberate, positive, voluntary, wilful | private
a private act of revenge
| public | creative, dramatic, physical, political, symbolic | homosexual, sex/sexual | balancing, disappearing, juggling, vanishing
The UN must perform a difficult balancing act between the two sides in the conflict.


charged with committing an act of gross indecency


in the ~ of
(= doing something)
| ~ of
For Jane, the act of writing was always difficult.


an act of faith, love, violence, will, worship, etc., catch sb in the act (of doing sth)
He was caught in the act of stealing.
| the simple/very act of doing sth
The very act of writing out your plan clarifies what you need to do.

2 (also Act) law made by a government


bring in, introduce, pass
The Act was passed by a majority of 175 votes to 143.
| amend | repeal
The old Act has now been repealed.
| breach, contravene
The company had breached the 1994 Companies Act.


become law, come into force
The new Children's Act will come into force next year.
| contain sth, say sth, state sth
The Act contains regulations for banks and building societies.


under an/the ~
He was charged under the Firearms Act of 1977.

3 entertainment; entertainers


(informal) (used for sb who does sth well)Their new striker looks a class act.
| double
comedy double act French and Saunders
| live
their reputation as one of rock's most impressive live acts
| main, support
The main act will come on at about ten o'clock.
| cabaret, circus, comedy, song-and-dance, stage, variety


do, perform
He does a little song-and-dance act.
| rehearse, work on

4 division of a play


opening | final, last | first, second, etc.


in (the) ~
The king is killed in the opening act.

5 insincere behaviour


put on
Don't take any notice?she's just putting on an act!

Concise English dictionary

+a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body
+something that people do or cause to happen
+a subdivision of a play or opera or ballet
+a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program
+a manifestation of insincerity
+perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
+behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself
+play a role or part
+discharge one's duties
+pretend to have certain qualities or state of mind
+be suitable for theatrical performance
+have an effect or outcome; often the one desired or expected
+be engaged in an activity, often for no particular purpose other than pleasure
+behave unnaturally or affectedly
+perform on a stage or theater