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yet /jet/
  • phó từ
    • còn, hãy còn, còn nữa
      • we have ten minutes yet: chúng ta còn mười phút nữa
      • I remember him yet: tôi còn nhớ anh ta
      • while he was yet asleep: trong khi anh ta còn đang ngủ
      • there is much yet to do: hãy còn nhiều việc phải làm lắm
      • you mush work yet harder: anh còn phải làm việc tích cực hơn nữa
      • I have a yet more important thing to say: tôi còn có một điều quan trọng hơn nữa để nói
    • bây giờ, lúc này
      • can't you tell me yet?: bây giờ anh có thể nói với tôi được chưa?
      • we needn't do it just yet: chúng ta chẳng cần làm điều đó lúc này
    • tuy thế, tuy vậy, nhưng mà, mà, song
      • it is strange, yet true: thật là kỳ lạ nhưng mà đúng sự thực
      • I agree with you, but yet I can't consent: tôi đồng ý với anh song tôi không thể nào thoả thuận được
    • dù sao, dù thế nào
      • he will do it yet: dù thế nào nữa nó cũng sẽ làm điều đó
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) vả lại, hơn nữa
      • much yet remains to be said: vả lại còn nhiều điều phải nói
    • as yet
      • cho đến nay, cho đến bây giờ
    • he has not known our abilities as yet: cho đến nay hắn chưa biết khả năng của chúng ta
    • nor yet
      • mà cũng không
    • not yet
      • chưa, còn chưa
    • he has not yet finished his task: nó chưa làm xong bài
  • liên từ
    • nhưng mà, song, ấy vậy mà, tuy thế, tuy nhiên
      • he worked hard, yet he failed: hắn ta làm việc tích cực ấy thế mà lại trượt
Concise Dictionary
+up to the present time
+used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time
+to a greater degree or extent; used with comparisons
+within an indefinite time or at an unspecified future time
+used after a superlative
+despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 as yet, (up) till or until now, so far, thus far, hitherto, to the present (time):
She hasn't arrived yet.
2 still, up to this time, up to now, even now, till or until now, to this day:
She was there earlier and I think she's there yet.
3 moreover, furthermore, besides, further, still:
He made yet another excuse.
4 in the future, in time to come, later, eventually:
Despite the life I've led, I might yet get to heaven.
5 still, notwithstanding, anyway, anyhow, nonetheless, nevertheless, regardless, in spite of or despite everything, just or all the same, even so, after all, US still and all:
Despite the life I've led, I might get to heaven yet.
6 notwithstanding, in spite of or despite it or that or the fact, still, nevertheless, but:
He goes out every night, yet never oversleeps in the mornings.
Advanced English Dictionary
adverb, conjunction
+ adverb
1 used in negative sentences and questions to talk about sth that has not happened but that you expect to happen: (BrE) I haven't received a letter from him yet. + (AmE) I didn't receive a letter from him yet. + 'Are you ready?' 'No, not yet.' + We have yet to decide what action to take (= We have not decided what action to take). - ALREADY
2 (used in negative sentences) now; as soon as this: Don't go yet. + We don't need to start yet.
3 from now until the period of time mentioned has passed: He'll be busy for ages yet. + They won't arrive for at least two hours yet.
4 could, might, may, etc. do sth ~ used to say that sth could, might, etc. happen in the future, even though it seems unlikely: We may win yet. + (formal) She could yet surprise us all.
5 the best, longest, etc. sth ~ (done) the best, longest, etc. thing of its kind made, produced, written, etc. until now/then: the most comprehensive study yet of his music + It was the highest building yet constructed.
6 ~ another / more ...
~ again used to emphasize an increase in number or amount or the number of times sth happens: snow, snow and yet more snow + yet another diet book + Prices were cut yet again (= once more, after many other times).
7 ~ worse, more importantly, etc. used to emphasize an increase in the degree of sth (= how bad, important, etc. it is)
Synonym: EVEN, STILL
a recent and yet more improbable theory
Idioms: as yet until now or until a particular time in the past: an as yet unpublished report + As yet little was known of the causes of the disease.
+ conjunction
in spite of what has just been said
It's a small car, yet it's surprisingly spacious. + He has a good job, and yet he never seems to have any money.

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