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yearn /jə:n/
  • nội động từ
    • mong mỏi, ao ước, khao khát, nóng lòng
      • to yearn for (after) something: mong mỏi khao khát cái gì
      • to yearn to do something: nóng lòng muốn làm việc gì
    • thương mến; thương cảm, thương hại
      • to yearn to (towards) someone: thương hại người nào
Concise Dictionary
yearns|yearned|yearningjɜrn /jɜːn
+desire strongly or persistently
+have a desire for something or someone who is not present
+have affection for; feel tenderness for

Thesaurus Dictionary
long, pine, ache, hanker, itch, hunger, thirst, crave, have a craving, desire, wish, want, fancy, prefer:
I yearn to see the green-clad hills of home once more, Before my vessel bears me from this mortal shore.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
~ (for sth/sb) (literary) to want sth very much, especially when it is very difficult to get: [V] The people yearned for peace. + There was a yearning look in his eyes. + [V to inf] She yearned to escape from her office job.
Collocation Dictionary


secretly | still


He still yearned after her, even after all these years.
| for
She yearned for children of her own.

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