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wretched /'retʃid/
  • tính từ
    • khốn khổ, cùng khổ; bất hạnh
      • a wretched life: cuộc sống cùng khổ
    • xấu, tồi, đáng chê
      • wretched weather: thời tiết xấu
      • wretched food: thức ăn tồi
      • a wretched poet: thi sĩ tồi
    • thảm hại, quá tệ
      • a wretched mistake: một lỗi thảm hại
      • the wretched stupidity of...: sự ngu đần thảm hại của...
Concise Dictionary
+of very poor quality or condition
+characterized by physical misery
+very unhappy; full of misery
+morally reprehensible
+deserving or inciting pity

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 miserable, awful, terrible, atrocious, deplorable, Colloq lousy, rotten:
We had the most wretched weather throughout our holiday.
2 unhappy, sad, miserable, woebegone, woeful, dismal, downhearted, heartbroken, broken-hearted, heartsick, dejected, depressed, melancholic, melancholy, mournful, disconsolate, inconsolable, doleful, cheerless, crestfallen, joyless, desolate:
If you want to see a wretched human being, look at a boy whose dog is lost.
3 pitiable, pathetic, sorry, pitiful, hapless, hopeless, unfortunate, miserable:
The poor in these tropical paradises are some of the most wretched people on earth.
4 vile, shameful, scurvy, underhand(ed), treacherous, contemptible, despicable, base, low, mean, paltry, mean-spirited, detestable:
It was hard to see how the people could support such a wretched little demagogue.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (of a person) feeling ill/sick or unhappy: You look wretched-what's wrong? + I felt wretched about the way things had turned out.
2 extremely bad or unpleasant: She had a wretched time of it at school. + The animals are kept in the most wretched conditions.
3 making you feel sympathy or pity: She finally agreed to have the wretched animal put down.
4 [only before noun] used to show that you think that sb/sth is extremely annoying: Is it that wretched woman again?
wretchedly adverb: 'I'm so sorry,' she said wretchedly.
wretchedness noun [U]

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