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wreath /ri:θ, Àsnh ri:ðz/
  • danh từ
    • vòng hoa; vòng hoa tang
    • luồng (khói) cuồn cuộn; đám (mây) cuồn cuộn
    • (thơ ca) vòng người xem, vòng người nhảy múa
Concise Dictionary
+flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
+encircle with or as if with a wreath
Advanced English Dictionary
1 an arrangement of flowers and leaves, especially in the shape of a circle, placed on graves, etc. as a sign of respect for sb who has died: The Queen laid a wreath at the war memorial.
2 an arrangement of flowers and/or leaves in the shape of a circle, traditionally hung on doors as a decoration at Christmas: a holly wreath
3 a circle of flowers or leaves worn on the head, and used in the past as a sign of honour: a laurel wreath
4 (literary) a circle of smoke, cloud, etc: wreaths of mist
Collocation Dictionary


Christmas, festive | holly, laurel, poppy


The Queen laid a poppy wreath at the war memorial.
| send
He didn't come to the funeral but he sent a wreath.
| be crowned with, wear


~ of
She wore a wreath of roses round her head.

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