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wrangle /'ræɳgl/
  • danh từ
    • sự cãi nhau
    • cuộc cãi lộn; cuộc ẩu đả
    • nội động từ
      • cãi nhau, cãi lộn; ẩu đả
    Concise Dictionary
    +an angry dispute
    +an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)
    +to quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively
    +herd and care for

    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    ~ (with sb)(over sth)
    ~ (between A and B) an argument that is complicated and continues over a long period of time: a legal wrangle between the company and their suppliers + He is currently locked in a bitter wrangle with his wife over custody of the children.
    wrangling noun [U, C]
    + verb [V] ~ (with sb) (over / about sth) to argue angrily and usually for a long time about sth: They're still wrangling over the financial details.
    Collocation Dictionary


    bitter | complex | legal


    be involved in, get into, have


    ensue | continue, go on
    The legal wrangle continues.


    in a/the ~
    The two countries fell out in a bitter wrangle over imports.
    | ~ between
    The wrangle between the school and the local council has gone on for two years.
    | ~ over, ~ with
    I don't want to get into a wrangle with the committee.

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