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worthless /'wə:θlis/
  • tính từ
    • không có giá trị, vô dụng, không ra gì; không xứng đáng
      • a worthless argument: một lý lẽ không có giá trị
      • a worthless fellow: một đứa không ra gì, một tên vô lại
Concise Dictionary
'wɜrθlɪs /'wɜː-
+lacking in usefulness or value
+morally reprehensible

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 valueless, unimportant, insignificant, inessential or unessential, dispensable, disposable, paltry:
His contribution to the work of the committee proved utterly worthless.
2 pointless, bootless, silly, inane, vain, unavailing, useless, futile, fruitless, unproductive, unprofitable:
It is worthless to try to salvage that wreck.
3 cheap, valueless, tawdry, poor, trashy, rubbishy, shabby, wretched, Colloq tinny, crappy, cheesy, Slang chintzy:
The deceased's handbag contained only a few items of worthless jewellery.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 having no practical or financial value: Critics say his paintings are worthless.
2 (of a person) having no good qualities or useful skills: a worthless individual + Constant rejections made him feel worthless.
worthlessness noun [U]: a sense / feeling of worthlessness
Collocation Dictionary


be, feel, prove, seem | become | make sth
These contradictions made his evidence worthless.
| consider sth, discard sth as, dismiss sth as, regard sth as, reject sth as, see sth as
The opinion polls were dismissed as worthless.


absolutely, completely, quite, totally, utterly | almost, virtually | largely


The diseased plants are quite worthless to the farmer.

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