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worth /wə:θ/
  • tính từ vị ngữ
    • giá, đáng giá
      • it is not worth much: cái ấy không đáng giá bao nhiêu
      • to be worth little: giá chẳng đáng bao nhiêu
    • đáng, bõ công
      • the book is worth reading: quyển sách đáng đọc
      • is it worth while?: điều đó có bõ công không?, điều đó có đáng làm không?
      • to be worth one's salt: làm lụng rất tốt, rất xứng đáng với đồng lương được hưởng
      • to be worth money: có tiền
      • to die worth a million: chết để lại bạc triệu
    • for all one is worth
      • làm hết sức mình
    • for what it is worth
      • không bảo đảm, không kèm theo cam kết gì
  • danh từ
    • giá; giá cả
      • to have one's money's worth: mua được phải giá; mua được (cái gì) xứng với đồng tiền bỏ ra
    • số lượng (hàng...) vừa giá (một số tiền nào đấy)
      • give me a shilling's worth of flowers: bán cho tôi một silinh hoa
    • giá trị
      • a man of worth: người có giá trị
Concise Dictionary
wɜrθ /wɜːθ
+an indefinite quantity of something having a specified value
+the quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful
+French couturier (born in England) regarded as the founder of Parisian haute couture; noted for introducing the bustle (1825-1895)
+having sufficient worth
+having a specified value

Thesaurus Dictionary
quality, merit, value, advantage, benefit, good, importance, significance, usefulness:
You have underestimated Roberta's worth to the community.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective [not before noun] (usually used like a preposition)
1 having a value in money, etc: Our house is worth about £100 000. + How much is this painting worth? + to be worth a bomb / packet / fortune (= a lot of money) + It isn't worth much. + If you answer this question correctly, it's worth five points.
2 ~ sth / doing sth used to recommend the action mentioned because you think it may be useful, enjoyable, etc: The museum is certainly worth a visit. + This idea is well worth considering. + It's worth making an appointment before you go.
3 ~ sth / doing sth important, good or enjoyable enough to make sb feel satisfied. especially when difficulty or effort is involved: to be worth the effort / expense / fuss + The new house really wasn't worth all the expense involved. + The job involves a lot of hard work but it's worth it. + The trip was expensive but it was worth every penny.
4 (of a person) having money and possessions of a particular value: He's worth about £10 million.
Idioms: for all sb / it is worth
1 with great energy, effort and determination: He was rowing for all he was worth.
2 in order to get as much as you can from sb/sth: She is milking her success for all it's worth.
for what it's worth (spoken) used to emphasize that what you are saying is only your own opinion or suggestion and may not be very helpful: I prefer this colour, for what it's worth.
(the game is) not worth the candle (old-fashioned, saying) the advantages to be gained from doing sth are not great enough, considering the effort or cost involved: If the price goes up again, he may decide that the game's not worth the candle.
not worth the paper it's written / printed on (of an agreement or official document) having no value, especially legally, or because one of the people involved has no intention of doing what they said they would
worth your / its salt deserving respect, especially because you do your job well: Any teacher worth her salt knows that.
worth your / its weight in gold very useful or valuable: A good mechanic is worth his weight in gold.
worth your while interesting or useful for sb to do: It will be worth your while to come to the meeting. + He'll do the job if you make it worth his while (= pay him well).
more at BIRD, JOB
+ noun [U]
1 ten dollars', £40, etc. ~ of sth an amount of sth that has the value mentioned: The winner will receive ten pounds' worth of books. + a dollar's worth of change
2 a week's, month's, etc. ~ of sth an amount of sth that lasts a week, etc.
3 the financial, practical or moral value of sb/sth: Their contribution was of great worth. + The activities help children to develop a sense of their own worth. + A good interview enables candidates to prove their worth (= show how good they are). + a personal net worth of $10 million
Idioms see MONEY
Collocation Dictionary


real, true | intrinsic, objective
Study has an intrinsic worth, as well as helping you achieve your goals.
| individual, own, personal, self | moral | economic, financial, market
Some experts doubt the economic worth of the project. The insurance company agreed to pay the car's current market worth.
| net | literary, musical


have | prove
The emergency lighting has proved its worth this year.
| affirm
Asking for advice from people affirms their personal worth.
| find out, learn, realize
I only found out its real worth when I tried to buy another one.
| appreciate, know
They don't appreciate her true worth. She knows her own worth.
| doubt, express doubts about, question | assess, estimate, give sb an estimate of
Can you give me some estimate of its worth?


of ~
He never contributed anything of worth to the conversation.
| ~ to
This necklace isn't worth anything in money terms, but its worth to me is incalculable.


at sb/sth's real/true worth
They don't appreciate her at her real worth.
| of proven worth
They are looking for a new sales manager of proven worth.
| a sense of (your own) worth
She has no sense of her own worth.



be | become | make sth | consider sth, think sth
Most of the candidates were not considered worth interviewing.


really, well
This book is well worth reading.
| certainly, definitely | barely, hardly, scarcely
It's so unimportant it's hardly worth mentioning.
| almost | potentially | reportedly, reputedly | always
It's always worth seeing if you can get a cheap, last-minute deal.


This order is potentially worth millions of pounds to the company.

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