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worship /'wə:ʃip/
  • danh từ
    • (tôn giáo) sự thờ cúng, sự cúng bái
      • freedom of worship: sự tự do thờ cúng
      • a worship place of worship: nơi thờ cúng, nhà thờ, đền thờ
    • sự tôn kính, sự suy tôn, sự tôn sùng
      • to win worship: được tôn kính, được tôn sùng
    • your (his) Worship
      • ngài
  • ngoại động từ
    • thờ, thờ phụng, cúng bái
    • tôn kính, suy tôn, tôn sùng
    • nội động từ
      • đi lễ
    Concise Dictionary
    worshipped|worshipping|worships|worshiped|worshiping'wɜrʃɪp /'wɜː-
    +the activity of worshipping
    +a feeling of profound love and admiration
    +love unquestioningly and uncritically or to excess; venerate as an idol
    +show devotion to (a deity)
    +attend religious services

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 venerate, revere, reverence, extol, honour, exalt, praise, admire, adore, adulate, glorify, deify, idolize, be devoted to, pay homage to, bow down before, kneel before, put on a pedestal:
    When he arrived, he found the people worshipping huge stone idols.
    2 veneration, reverence, adoration, devotion, homage, honour, respect, esteem, exaltation, praise, admiration, adulation, glorification, deification, idolatry:
    A healthy respect for security should not be confused with the worship of money.

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