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with /wi /
  • giới từ
    • với, cùng, cùng với
      • to argue with someone: c i lý với ai
      • a kettle with a lid: một cái ấm với một cái vung
      • to be with someone on a point: đồng ý với người nào về một điểm
      • to rise with the sun: dậy sớm
      • the man with the long beard: người (có) râu dài
      • with young: có chửa (thú)
      • with child: có mang (người)
    • ở, ở ni
      • it's a habit with him: ở anh ta đấy là một thói quen
      • he lives with us: nó ở nhà chúng tôi, nó ở với chúng tôi
    • bằng
      • to welcome with smiles: đón tiếp bằng những nụ cười
      • with all my might: bằng (với) tất c sức lực của tôi
      • killed with a bayonet: bị giết bằng lưỡi lê
    • về, về phần
      • the decision rests with you: quyết định là về phần anh
      • to be pleased with: bằng lòng về
      • sick with love: ốm (vì) tưng tư
    • đối với
      • with him, money is not important: đối với anh ta, tiền bạc không quan trọng
    • mặc dầu
      • with all his weaknesses I like him: mặc dầu tất c những nhược điểm của anh ta, tôi vẫn thích anh ta
    • cũng như
      • to think with someone: cũng nghĩ như ai
    • nay mà, lúc mà, trong khi
      • what is to become him with both his parents gone: nay cha mẹ nó đ mất c rồi, thì nó sẽ ra sao
    • away with it!
      • (xem) away
    • to be with it
      • tài xoay, giỏi xoay
    • out with
      • (xem) out
Concise Dictionary
wɪð ,wɪθ
prep. accompanied by; having (e.g. a quality); by way of; of; in; from; due to; at; against; among; despite
Advanced English Dictionary
Help Note: For the special uses of with in phrasal verbs, look at the entries for the verbs. For example bear with sb/sth is in the phrasal verb section at bear.
1 in the company or presence of sb/sth: She lives with her parents. + I have a client with me right now. + a nice steak with a bottle of red wine
2 having or carrying sth: a girl with (= who has) red hair + a jacket with a hood + He looked at her with a hurt expression. + They're both in bed with flu. + a man with a suitcase
3 using sth: Cut it with a knife. + It is treated with acid before being analysed.
4 used to say what fills, covers, etc. sth: The bag was stuffed with dirty clothes. + Sprinkle the dish with salt.
5 in opposition to sb/sth; against sb/sth: to fight / argue / quarrel with sb + to play tennis with sb + at war with a neighbouring country + I had an argument with my boss.
6 concerning; in the case of: Be careful with the glasses. + Are you pleased with the result? + Don't be angry with her. + With these students it's pronunciation that's the problem.
7 used when considering one fact in relation to another: She won't be able to help us with all the family commitments she has. + It's much easier compared with last time.
8 including: The meal with wine came to $20 each. + With all the lesson preparation I have to do I work 12 hours a day.
9 used to show the way in which sb does sth: He behaved with great dignity. + She sleeps with the window open. + Don't stand with your hands in your pockets.
10 because of; as a result of: She blushed with embarrassment. + His fingers were numb with cold.
11 because of sth and as it happens: The shadows lengthened with the approach of sunset. + Skill comes with practice.
12 in the same direction as sth: Marine mammals generally swim with the current.
13 used to show who has possession of or responsibility for sth: The keys are with reception. + Leave it with me.
14 employed by; using the services of: She acted with a touring company for three years. + I bank with the HSBC.
15 showing separation from sth/sb: I could never part with this ring. + Can we dispense with the formalities?
16 in spite of sth: With all her faults I still love her.
17 used in exclamations: Off to bed with you! + Down with school!
Idioms: be with me / you (informal) to be able to understand what sb is talking about: Are you with me? + I'm afraid I'm not quite with you.
be with sb (on sth) to support sb and agree with what they say: We're all with you on this one.
with it (informal)
1 knowing about current fashions and ideas
Synonym: TRENDY
Don't you have anything more with it to wear?
2 understanding what is happening around you
Synonym: ALERT
You don't seem very with it today.
with that (written) straight after that; then: He muttered a few words of apology and with that he left.

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