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wistful /'wistful/
  • tính từ
    • có vẻ thèm muốn, có vẻ khao khát
      • a wistful expression: vẻ thèm muốn khao khát
    • có vẻ ngẫm nghĩ, có vẻ đăm chiêu
      • wistful eyes: mắt đăm chiêu
Concise Dictionary
+showing pensive sadness
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 melancholy, mournful, sad, morose, sorrowful, disconsolate, heartsick, forlorn, woeful, woebegone, desirous, longing, yearning:
She gave a last, wistful look at the aeroplane as it rose into the clouds.
2 thoughtful, contemplative, pensive, absent-minded, detached, absorbed, in a brown study, preoccupied, meditating, meditative, reflective, ruminating, ruminative, dreamy, dreaming, day-dreaming, musing:
Some might have misinterpreted his wistful gaze at her photograph.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
thinking sadly about sth that you would like to have, especially sth in the past that you can no longer have: a wistful smile / tone / look
wistfully adverb: She sighed wistfully. + 'If only I had known you then,' he said wistfully.
wistfulness noun [U]

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