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wish /wi /
  • danh từ
    • lòng mong muốn, lòng ao ước; lòng thèm muốn
      • to express a wish: tỏ lòng mong ước
      • to have a great wish to: ước ao được
    • ý muốn; lệnh
      • in obedience to your wishes: theo lệnh của ông
    • điều mong ước, nguyện vọng
      • to have one's wish: ước gì được nấy
    • (số nhiều) lời chúc
      • with best wishes: với những lời chúc mừng tốt đẹp nhất
  • ngoại động từ
    • muốn, mong, hy vọng
      • I wish to say: tôi muốn nói
      • it is to be wished that...: mong rằng...
    • chúc
      • to wish someone well: chúc cho ai gặp điều tốt lành
      • to wish happiness to: chúc hạnh phúc cho
  • nội động từ
    • mong ước, ước ao; thèm muốn
      • to wish for: ước ao
    • to wish something upon somebody
      • (thông tục) gán cho ai cái gì
Concise Dictionary
+a specific feeling of desire
+an expression of some desire or inclination
+(usually plural) a polite expression of desire for someone's welfare
+the particular preference that you have
+hope for; have a wish
+prefer or wish to do something
+have in mind
+make or express a wish
+feel or express a desire or hope concerning the future or fortune of
+order politely; express a wish for
+invoke upon

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 desire, want; yearn, crave, long, hope, hanker, have a mind, (have a) fancy, choose, care:
I wish you'd go now. If you had Aladdin's lamp, what would you wish for?
2 require, request, demand, order, specify:
Did you wish lemon or milk in your tea?
3 foist or force or thrust or impose upon, Colloq fob off on or upon, palm off on:
The job of treasurer was wished on me when Jock left.
4 desire, request, whim, want, craving, longing, hankering:
Your every wish is my command.
5 desire, longing, craving, need, yearning, hankering, passion, keenness, thirst, appetite, hunger, whim, urge, liking, fondness, fancy, preference, predisposition, disposition, inclination, Colloq yen, Slang itch:
She expressed a wish for nightingale tongues, truffles, and champagne.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
1 (not usually used in the present progressive tense) to want sth to happen or to be true even though it is unlikely or impossible: [V (that)] I wish I were taller. + (BrE also) I wish I was taller. + I wish I hadn't eaten so much. + 'Where is he now?' 'I only wish I knew!' + I wish you wouldn't leave your clothes all over the floor. + She really wished she'd stayed on at college. + He sat by the phone, wishing it would ring.
Help Note: 'That' is nearly always left out, especially in speech. [VN-ADJ] He's dead and it's no use wishing him alive again. + [VN +adv./prep.] She wished herself a million miles away.
2 (especially BrE, formal) to want to do sth; to want sth to happen: [V] You may stay until morning, if you wish. + 'I'd rather not talk now.' '(Just) as you wish.' + [V to inf] This course is designed for people wishing to update their computer skills. + I wish to speak to the manager. + I don't wish (= I don't mean) to be rude, but could you be a little quieter? + [VNN] She could not believe that he wished her harm. + [VN to inf] He was not sure whether he wished her to stay or go.
3 [V] ~ (for sth) to think very hard that you want sth, especially sth that can only be achieved by good luck or magic: She shut her eyes and wished for him to get better. + If you wish really hard, maybe you'll get what you want. + It's no use wishing for the impossible. + He has everything he could possibly wish for.
4 to say that you hope that sb will be happy, lucky, etc: [VNN] I wished her a happy birthday. + Wish me luck! + [VN] We wish them both well in their retirement.
Idioms: I wish! (spoken) used to say that sth is impossible or very unlikely, although you wish it were possible
Synonym: IF ONLY
'You'll have finished by tomorrow.' 'I wish!'
Phrasal Verbs: wish sth away to try to get rid of sth by wishing it did not exist
wish sb/sth on sb (informal) (used in negative sentences) to want sb to have sth unpleasant: I wouldn't wish something like that on my worst enemy. + It's not a job I'd wish on anybody.
+ noun
1 [C] ~ (to do sth)
~ (for sth) a desire or a feeling that you want to do sth or have sth: She expressed a wish to be alone. + He had no wish to start a fight. + I can understand her wish for secrecy. + His dearest wish (= what he wants most of all) is to see his grandchildren again. + It was her dying wish that I should have it.
2 [C] a thing that you want to have or to happen: to carry out sb's wishes + I'm sure that you will get your wish. + She married against her parents' wishes.
See also - DEATH WISH
3 [C] an attempt to make sth happen by thinking hard about it, especially in stories when it often happens by magic: Throw some money in the fountain and make a wish. + The genie granted him three wishes. + The prince's wish came true.
4 (wishes) [pl.] ~ (for sth) used especially in a letter or card to say that you hope that sb will be happy, well or successful: We all send our best wishes for the future. + Give my good wishes to the family. + With best wishes (= for example, at the end of a letter)
Idioms: your wish is my command (humorous) used to say that you are ready to do whatever sb asks you to do
See also - DEATH WISH
After the verb wish in sense 1, a past tense is always used in a that clause: Do you wish you had a better job? In more formal English, especially in AmE, many people use were after I, he, she, it instead of was:
I wish he were here tonight.
Collocation Dictionary

1 feeling that you want sth


dearest, deepest, fervent, greatest, strong | conscious, unconscious | secret | dying, last
He was denied his dying wish to be reconciled with his son.
| death
Freud's theory of the death wish
| personal | parental
the child's detention against parental wishes


have | express, make known
She has expressed a wish to visit the Houses of Parliament.
| fulfill
She fulfilled her deepest wish when she flew solo for the first time.
| get
She's always wanted to be an actress, and I'm sure she'll get her wish.
| grant sb | be responsive to, consider, honour, respect, take into account
It is vital for schools to respect the wishes of parents.
| carry out, comply with, implement, meet
We need to update our equipment if we are to meet customers' wishes.
| obey
She flew into a rage if the staff didn't obey her wishes.
| deny sb | disregard, flout, go against, ignore, override, ride roughshod over
The committee rode roughshod over the wishes of union members.
| reflect
The change to the constitution reflects the wishes of the people who voted in the referendum.


fulfilment | list
Draw up a wish list, defining the requirements for your ideal home.


against sb's ~s
Her father will not speak to her, because she married against his wishes.
| in sb's ~
In his wish to be as helpful as possible, he was forever asking her what she wanted.
| in accordance with sb's ~s
In accordance with his wishes, his ashes were scattered at sea.
| ~ for
a wish for peace

2 saying secretly to yourself what you want to happen


have, make
When you see a black cat, you have to make a wish.
| be allowed, get
If you're the one who finds the hidden box, you get a wish.
| grant
The good fairy granted her three wishes.


come true
Lo and behold, on Christmas Day their wishes came true.

3 (usually wishes) hope that sb will be happy


best, good
Give my best wishes to Alison.


give sb, send (sb)


with ~ (at the end of a letter)
With best wishes for a happy birthday.
| ~ for
Every good wish for your future happiness together.

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