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wine /wain/
  • danh từ
    • rượu vang; rượu
      • to be in wine: say rượu
      • to take wine with: chạm cốc với
    • rượu thuốc
      • quinine wine: rượu canh ki na
    • tiệc rượu sau bữa ăn (ở các trường đại học)
    • màu rượu vang, màu đỏ sẫm
    • good wine needs no bush
      • (xem) bush
    • new wine in old bottle
      • bình cũ rượu mới
  • động từ (thông tục)
    • uống rượu
    • đ i rượu (ai)
Concise Dictionary
+fermented juice (of grapes especially)
+a red as dark as red wine
+drink wine
+treat to wine

Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 [U, C] an alcoholic drink made from the juice of grapes that has been left to FERMENT. There are many different kinds of wine: a bottle of wine + a glass of dry / sweet wine + red / rose / white wine + dessert / sparkling wine
2 [U, C] an alcoholic drink made from plants or fruits other than grapes: elderberry / rice wine
3 [U] (also wine red) a dark red colour: a wine velvet jacket
Idioms: wine and dine (sb) to go to restaurants, etc. and enjoy good food and drink; to entertain sb by buying them good food and drink: The town offers many opportunities for wining and dining. + The firm spent thousands wining and dining potential clients.
Collocation Dictionary


red, rose, white | fizzy, sparkling | dry | sweet | light
He served a light white wine with the lunch.
| full-bodied, heady, strong | fruity | sour, vinegary
a cheap vinegary wine
| mature, young
The younger wines will be mature after about three years.
| new, old
some new wines from South Africa
| excellent, expensive, fine, good, great, quality, vintage | cheap, table | house
The restaurant's house wines are an Australian Chardonnay and a French red.
| dessert | fortified
fortified wines such as port and sherry
| mulled, spiced | chilled
chilled white wine
| home-made | dandelion, elderberry, rice, etc.


Would you like another drop of wine?
| glass, bottle


Do you drink wine?
| have
I'll have some wine, please.
| sip, take a sip of
She took a sip of her wine.
| gulp, swig, take a gulp/swig of | pour (sb), top up
The waiter went round topping up people's wine.
| make, produce
The winery has been making wine for a couple of centuries.
| age, mature
wine aged in the bottle
| chill | serve | ply sb with
They always ply their clients with wine before getting down to business.


(figurative) The wine flowed freely at the party.
| go to your head
The wine had gone to his head and he was starting to talk rubbish.
| breathe
Open the wine an hour before the meal to let it breathe.
| be corked | age, mature


bottle, glass | list
The restaurant has an extensive wine list.
| rack
I took another bottle from the wine rack.
| grower, growing | merchant | tasting
The supermarket holds occasional wine-tasting sessions.

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