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wind /wind, (thÔ) waind/
  • danh từ (th ca)
    • gió
      • north wind: gió bấc
      • south wind: gió nam
      • to run like the wind: chạy nhanh như gió
      • the wind rises: trời nổi gió, gió thổi mạnh hn
    • phưng gió, phía gió thổi
      • down the wind: xuôi gió
      • in the teeth of wind; up the wind: ngược gió
      • into the wind: về phía gió thổi
      • off the wind: chéo gió
      • to sail before (on) the wind: căng buồm chạy xuôi gió
    • (số nhiều) các phưng trời
      • the four winds of heaven: bốn phưng trời
    • (thể dục,thể thao) hi
      • to lose one's wind: hết hi
      • to recover one's wind: lấy lại hi
      • to get one's second wind: thở theo nhịp điệu thường (sau khi thở dốc trong cuộc đua)
      • sound in wind and limb: có thể lực tốt
    • (săn bắn) hi, mùi; (nghĩa bóng) tin phong thanh
      • to get windof the hunter: đánh hi người đi săn
      • to get wind of a plot: nghe phong thanh có một âm mưu
    • (y học) hi (trong ruột)
      • to break wind: đánh rắm
      • to be troubled wind wind: đầy hi
    • (gii phẫu) ức
      • to hit in the wind: đánh vào ức
    • lời rỗng tuếch; chuyện rỗng tuếch
      • merely wind: chỉ là chuyện rỗng tuếch
    • (the wind) (âm nhạc) nhạc khí thổi (kèn, sáo...); tiếng kèn sáo
    • to cast (fling, throw) something to the winds
      • coi nhẹ cái gì, không để tâm gìn giữ cái gì
    • to get (have) the wind up
      • (từ lóng) sợ h i
    • to put the wind up somebody
      • làm ai sợi h i
    • to raise the wind
      • (xem) raise
    • to sail close to (near) the wind
      • chạy gần như ngược chiều gió
    • (nghĩa bóng) làm việc gì hầu như không đoan chính lưng thiện lắm
    • to see how the wind blows (lies)
      • to see which way the wind is blowing
        • xem dư luận ra sao; xem thời thế sẽ ra sao
      • to take the wind out of someone's sails
        • nói chặn trước ai; làm chặn trước ai
      • phỗng mất quyền lợi của ai
      • there is something in the wind
        • có chuyện gì sẽ xy ra đây, có chuyện gì đang được bí mật chuẩn bị đây
    • ngoại động từ winded
      • đánh hi
        • the hounds winded the fox: những con chó săn đánh hi thấy con cáo
      • làm thở hổn hển, làm thở mạnh, làm thở hết hi, làm mệt đứt hi
        • to be winded by the long run: mệt đứt hi vì chạy quá xa
      • để cho nghỉ lấy hi, để cho thở
        • to wind one's horse: cho ngựa nghỉ lấy hi
    • ngoại động từ winded, wound
      • thổi
        • to wind a horn: thổi tù và
    • danh từ
      • vòng (dây)
      • khúc uốn, khúc lượn (của con sông)
      • ngoại động từ wound
        • cuộn, quấn
          • to wind itself: cuộn mình lại (con rắn)
          • to wind [up] wool into a ball: quấn len thành một cuộn
          • to wind thread on a reel: quấn chỉ vào ống
        • lợn, uốn
          • the river winds its way to the sea: con sông lượn khúc chy ra biển
          • to wind oneself (one's way) into someone's affection: khéo léo được lòng ai
        • bọc, choàng
          • to wind a baby in a shawl: bọc đứa bé trong một chiếc khăn choàng
        • (kỹ thuật) quay; trục lên bằng cách quay
        • lên dây (đồng hồ)
        • (điện học) quấn dây
          • to wind a transformer: quấn dây một biến thế
      • nội động từ
        • quấn lại, cuộn lại (con rắn...)
        • quanh co, uốn khúc
          • the river winds in and out: con sông quanh co uốn khúc
        • (kỹ thuật) vênh (tấm ván)
        • to wind off
          • tháo (sợi) ra (khỏi cuộn); li ra, tung ra
        • to wind on
          • quấn (chỉ) vào (ống chỉ)
        • to wind up
          • lên dây (đồng hồ, đàn)
        • quấn (một sợi dây)
        • gii quyết, thanh toán (công việc...
        • kết thúc (cuộc tranh luận); bế mạc (cuộc họp)
        • to be wound up to a high pitch
          • bị đẩy lên một mức cao (cn giận)
        • to be wound up to a white rage
          • bị kích động đến mức giận điên lên
        • to wind someone round one's little finger
          • xỏ dây vào mũi ai (nghĩa bóng)
        • to wind oneself up for an effort
          • rán sức (làm việc gì)
    Concise Dictionary
    wound|winds|winded|windingwɪnd ,waɪnd
    +air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure
    +a tendency or force that influences events
    +empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk
    +an indication of potential opportunity
    +a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by an enclosed column of air that is moved by the breath
    +a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus
    +the act of winding or twisting
    +to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course
    +extend in curves and turns
    +wrap or coil around
    +catch the scent of; get wind of
    +coil the spring of (some mechanical device) by turning a stem
    +form into a wreath
    +raise or haul up with or as if with mechanical help

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 breeze, zephyr, puff, gust, breath, draught, light air, current (of air):
    A gentle wind wafted our little boat across the bay.
    2 puffery, bombast, rodomontade, bluster, boasting, braggadocio, vain speech, blather, (idle or empty) talk, fustian, nonsense, twaddle, humbug, babble, gibberish, Colloq gab, hot air, claptrap, hogwash, rot, hooey, boloney, Slang Brit (load of (old)) cobblers:
    I went there for advice and all I got was a lot of wind.
    3 gas, flatulence, windiness, flatus, borborygmus (= 'stomach rumbling (as from gas)'), heartburn, Taboo Slang fart (= 'anal release of gas'):
    I have to take a pill to relieve this wind.
    4 before the wind. Nautical downwind, off the wind:
    We were racing before the wind with every scrap of sail flying.
    5 break wind. Taboo Slang fart:
    It is considered rude to break wind.
    6 get or have wind of. hear of, learn of, come to know, pick up, be made or become aware of, gather, understand, hear on the grapevine, Colloq hear tell of:
    We got wind of the company's plans to close this plant.
    7 get or have the wind up. take fright, become frightened or afraid or apprehensive:
    When I heard a window being raised I got the wind up.
    8 in the wind. around, about, rumoured, in the air, detectable, discernible, discoverable, imminent, impending, approaching, close (at hand), about to happen or take place or occur, afoot, in the offing, near, on the way, Colloq Brit on the cards, US in the cards:
    We knew that a change was in the wind, but never expected the chairman to resign.
    9 off the wind. See 5, above.
    10 on the or a wind. Nautical upwind, windward, to the wind, into (the teeth or the eye of) the wind; near the wind Because 'Syrena' was a sloop, she could sail closer on the wind than the schooner.
    11 put the wind up. scare, frighten, alarm:
    The leakage at the nuclear plant really put the wind up everyone living in the area.
    12 sail close or near to the wind. take risks, throw caution to the winds, play with fire, skate on thin ice, take (one's) life in (one's) hands, Colloq stick (one's) neck out, Slang go for broke:
    One nude scene is highly salacious, and we think the director is sailing very close to the wind by including it.
    13 take the wind out of (someone's) sails. deflate (someone), disconcert (someone), destroy (someone's) advantage, ruin (someone's) superiority or supremacy or ascendancy:
    It rather took the wind out of her sails when he announced that he was leaving anyway.
    1 turn, bend, twist, snake, worm, twine, zigzag, slew, swerve, loop, coil, curve, meander, ramble, veer:
    The river winds along the valley floor.
    2 reel, roll, spiral, turn, twist, curl, coil, wrap, twine, wreathe; crank (up), wind up:
    The streamers are wound around the columns for decoration.
    3 wind down.
    (a) taper off, slow down, diminish, reduce, close out, slacken or slack off (on), ease (up on), decrease, cut back or down (on); wind up:
    They were going to wind down their sportswear department, but then business suddenly perked up.
    (b) relax, become calm or tranquil, calm down, cool off or down, regain (one's) equilibrium, ease up or off, Colloq unwind, let (one's) hair down, take it easy:
    It takes me a couple of days to wind down from the hectic activity in the office.
    4 wind up. a terminate, conclude, come or bring to an end or a close or a conclusion, end (up), close down or up, finish (up), wrap up; liquidate, settle:
    After calmly winding up his affairs, Evan sailed off in his boat and was never seen again.
    (b) end up, finish (up), become ultimately:
    I understand that Sally wound up as a bar girl in Tampico.
    (c) excite, innervate, energize, stimulate, invigorate, stir up:
    After getting us all wound up about that weekend party in Paris, she called the whole thing off.
    (d) agitate, fluster, disconcert, ruffle:
    Don't let such trifles get you so wound up.
    (e) See 3 (a), above.
    bonanza, godsend, stroke of (good) fortune, serendipitous find, boon, piece of (good) luck, jackpot, (lucky) strike:
    The sale of the house provided a windfall that saved them from imminent bankruptcy.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb-see also WIND
    + noun
    1 [C, U] (also the wind) air that moves quickly as a result of natural forces: strong / high winds + gale-force winds + a light wind + a north / south / east / west wind + a chill / cold / biting north wind + The wind is blowing from the south. + The trees were swaying in the wind. + A gust of wind blew my hat off. + The weather was hot, without a a breath of wind. + The wall gives some protection from the prevailing wind. + The wind is getting up (= starting to blow strongly). + The wind has dropped (= stopped blowing strongly). + wind speed / direction
    2 (BrE) (AmE gas) [U] air that you swallow with food or drink; gas that is produced in your stomach or INTESTINES that makes you feel uncomfortable: I can't eat beans-they give me wind. + Try to bring the baby's wind up.
    3 [U] breath that you need when you do exercise or blow into a musical instrument: I need time to get my wind back after that run. + He kicked Gomez in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.
    See also - SECOND WIND
    4 [U+sing./pl. v.] the group of musical instruments in an orchestra that produce sounds when you blow into them; the musicians who play those instruments: music for wind and strings + the wind section + The wind played beautifully. + a wind band
    Compare: WOODWIND
    Idioms: break wind to release gas from your bowels through your ANUS
    get wind of sth (informal) to hear about sth secret or private: She didn't want reporters getting wind of their plans.
    get / have the wind up (about sth) (informal) to become/be frightened about sth
    in the wind about to happen soon, although you do not know exactly how or when: Once again, changes are in the wind.
    like the wind very quickly: We ran like the wind.
    put the wind up sb (BrE, informal) to make sb frightened: Tell him that the police have been informed-that'll put the wind up him.
    take the wind out of sb's sails (informal) to make sb suddenly less confident or angry, especially when you do or say sth that they do not expect: When I agreed to his suggestion at once, it really took the wind out of his sails.
    a wind / the winds of change (used especially by journalists) an event or a series of events that has started to happen and will cause important changes or results: A wind of change was blowing through the banking world.
    more at CAUTION n., FOLLOWING, ILL adj., SAIL v., STRAW, WAY n.
    + verb [VN]
    1 [usually passive] to make sb unable to breathe easily for a short time: He was momentarily winded by the blow to his stomach.
    2 (BrE) to gently hit or rub a baby's back to make it BURP (= release gas from its stomach through its mouth)
    Synonym: BURP
    See also - LONG-WINDED
    1 [+adv./prep.] (of a road, river, etc.) to have many bends and twists: [V] The path wound down to the beach. + [VN] The river winds its way between two meadows.
    See also - WINDING
    2 [VN +adv./prep.] to wrap or twist sth around itself or sth else: He wound the wool into a ball. + Wind the bandage around your finger.
    3 ~ (sth) (up) to make a clock or other mechanism work by turning a KNOB, handle, etc. several times; to be able to be made to work in this way: [VN] He had forgotten to wind his watch. + [V] It was one of those old-fashioned gramophones that winds up.
    See also - WIND-UP
    4 ~ (sth) forward / back to operate a tape, film, etc. so that it moves nearer to its ending or starting position: [VN] He wound the tape back to the beginning. + [V] Wind forward to the bit where they discover the body.
    5 [VN] to turn a handle several times: You operate the trapdoor by winding this handle.
    Idioms see LITTLE FINGER
    wind noun: Give the handle another couple of winds.
    Phrasal Verbs: wind down
    1 (of a person) to rest or relax after a period of activity or excitement
    Synonym: UNWIND
    2 (of a piece of machinery) to go slowly and then stop
    wind sth<->down
    1 to bring a business, an activity, etc. to an end gradually over a period of time: The government is winding down its nuclear programme. + The department is being wound down after the election.
    2 to make sth such as the window of a car move downwards by turning a handle, pressing a button, etc: Can I wind my window down?
    wind up (informal) (of a person) to find yourself in a particular place or situation: I always said he would wind up in prison. + [+ -ing] We eventually wound up staying in a little hotel a few miles from town. + [+ADJ] If you take risks like that you'll wind up dead.
    wind up
    wind sth<->up to bring sth such as a speech or meeting to an end: The speaker was just winding up when the door was flung open. + If we all agree, let's wind up the discussion.
    wind sb<->up (BrE, informal) to deliberately say or do sth in order to annoy sb: Calm down! Can't you see he's only winding you up? + That can't be true! You're winding me up.
    related noun WIND-UP
    wind sth<->up
    1 to stop running a company, business, etc. and close it completely
    2 to make sth such as the window of a car move upwards by turning a handle, pressing a button, etc: Are all the windows wound up?
    Collocation Dictionary


    fierce, gale-force, high, stiff, strong, terrible
    Rain and high winds are forecast. There was a stiff wind blowing.
    | light, moderate, slight | blustery, gusty | warm | biting, bitter, brisk, chill, cold, icy
    The icy wind cut right through us.
    | howling | fair, favourable, good
    They set sail the next morning with a fair wind.
    | adverse
    Adverse winds swept the boat off course.
    | head, tail
    A tail wind made the ride home very relaxing.
    | east, north, etc.


    blast, gust | breath
    There wasn't a breath of wind in the still air.


    blow, blow up, come, cut through sb/sth, sweep (through) sth
    The wind came from the west. A fierce wind swept through the countryside.
    | howl, moan, roar, whistle
    The wind roared through the tunnel.
    | buffet sth, rattle sth, whip sth (up)
    The wind whipped up the surface of the lake.
    | increase, pick up, rise | abate, die down, drop
    Let's wait until the wind drops before setting sail.
    | change
    The wind suddenly changed and began blowing from the north.


    conditions, direction, power, pressure, speed


    against the ~
    We were rowing against the wind.
    | in the ~
    a flag flapping in the wind
    | into the ~
    We were sailing into the wind.
    | out of ~
    Let's shelter out of the wind.


    the roar/sound of the wind

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