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win /win/
  • danh từ
    • sự thắng cuộc
      • our team has had three wins this season: mùa này đội chúng tôi đ thắng ba trận
  • ngoại động từ won
    • chiếm, đoạt, thu được, nhận được, kiếm được, có được
      • to win a prize: đoạt gii
      • to win money: kiếm được tiền
      • to win one's bread: làm ăn sinh sống
      • to win glory: đạt được vinh quang
    • thắng cuộc; thắng
      • to win a race: thắng cuộc đua
      • to win a battle: thắng trận
      • to win the war: chiến thắng
      • to win the day; to win the field: thắng
    • thu phục, tranh thủ, lôi kéo
      • to win all hearts: thu phục được lòng mọi người
      • to win someone's confidence: tranh thủ được lòng tin cậy của ai
    • đạt đến, đến
      • to win the summit: đạt tới đỉnh
      • to win the shore: tới bờ, cập bến
  • nội động từ
    • thắng cuộc, thắng trận
      • which side won?: bên nào thắng?
      • to win hands down: thắng dễ dàng
    • (+ upon) càng ngày càng lôi kéo; thuyết phục được
      • Marxism-Leninism is winning upon millions of people: chủ nghĩa Mác Lê-nin ngày càng lôi kéo được
      • hàng triệu người
    • to win back
      • lấy lại, chiếm lại
    • to win out
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) thắng cuộc, thắng trận
    • to win over
      • lôi kéo về
    • to win through
      • khắc phục, chiến thắng (khó khăn)
Concise Dictionary
+a victory (as in a race or other competition)
+something won (especially money)
+be the winner in a contest or competition; be victorious
+win something through one's efforts
+obtain advantages, such as points, etc.
+attain success or reach a desired goal

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 come (in or out) first, carry the day, conquer, overcome; carry off (the palm), finish first (in), achieve first place (in), triumph (in), be victorious (in), be the victor (in), gain a victory (in), prevail (in), succeed (in), take first prize (in), Colloq bring home the bacon:
Which team is more likely to win today? We seem to have won the battle but not the war.
2 gain, carry off or away, attain, acquire, get, obtain, secure, procure, receive, collect, net, bag, earn, realize, pick up, glean:
Look at all those trophies Gillian has won playing golf!
3 win over. influence, sway, incline, persuade, charm, prevail upon, convert, induce, bring round or around, convince:
Don't think that Gilbert can be won over without a strong argument.
4 victory, conquest, triumph, success:
So far this season we have recorded six wins and one loss for the Surrey Scouts.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb (winning, won, won )
1 to be the most successful in a competition, race, battle, etc: [V] to win at cards / chess + Which team won? + France won by six goals to two against Denmark. + [VN] to win an election / a game / a war + She loves to win an argument.
2 ~ sth (from sb) to get sth as the result of a competition, race, election, etc: [VN] Britain won five gold medals. + He won £3 000 in the lottery. + How many states did the Republicans win? + The Conservatives won the seat from Labour in the last election. + [VNN] You've won yourself a trip to New York.
3 [VN] to achieve or get sth that you want, especially by your own efforts: They are trying to win support for their proposals. + The company has won a contract to supply books and materials to schools. + She won the admiration of many people in her battle against cancer.
Idioms: you, he, etc. can't win (spoken) used to say that there is no satisfactory way of dealing with a particular situation: I can't win. If I agree with her, she says I have no mind of my own; if I don't, she says I'm being difficult.
you can't win them all
you win some, you lose some (spoken) used to express sympathy for sb who has been disappointed about sth
you win (spoken) used to agree to what sb wants after you have failed to persuade them to do or let you do sth else: OK, you win, I'll admit I was wrong.
win (sth) hands down (informal) to win sth very easily
win sb's heart to make sb love you
win or lose whether you succeed or fail: Win or lose, we'll know we've done our best.
more at DAY, SPUR n.
Phrasal Verbs: win sb<->around / over / round (to sth) to get sb's support or approval by persuading them that you are right: She's against the idea but I'm sure I can win her over.
win sth/sb<->back to get or have again sth/sb that you had before: The party is struggling to win back voters who have been alienated by recent scandals.
win out / through (informal) to be successful in spite of difficulties: It's not going to be easy but we'll win through in the end.
+ noun
a victory in a game, contest, etc: two wins and three defeats + They have not had a win so far this season. + France swept to a 62 win over Denmark.
See also - NO-WIN
Collocation Dictionary


big, comfortable, convincing, decisive, easy, emphatic, handsome, resounding, runaway | last-gasp, narrow
An extra-time penalty gave Barcelona a last-gasp win over Chelsea.
| five-point, nine-wicket, single-shot, two-goal, etc. | hard-earned, hard-fought | deserved, well-earned | excellent, fine, great, impressive | thrilling | improbable, remarkable, shock, unexpected | famous
People still talk about the famous win against Brazil.
| away, home | cup final, league, semi-final, etc. | Democrat, Labour, etc.


claim, chalk up, gain, have, notch (up), record, score
We've had three successive wins in the National League. Torino notched up a 2?1 win at Lazio.
| cruise to, romp to, sweep to
Woods romped to a 12-shot win in the Open.
| deserve, earn | give sb | celebrate


His only big win came in the French Open ten years ago.
| keep sb, lift sb, put sb, take sb
Williams's straight-sets win puts her through to the semi-final.


without a ~
They've gone four games without a win.
| ~ against/over
Liverpool gained a thrilling 5?4 win over Glenavon.


a no-win situation
She was in a no-win situation, taking the blame for things she did not have the power to change.

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