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will /wil/
  • danh từ
    • ý chí, chí, ý định, lòng
      • will can conquer habit: ý chí có thể chế ngự thói quen
      • strong will: ý chí mạnh mẽ
      • lack of will: sự thiếu ý chí
      • free will: tự do ý chí
      • it is my will that...: ý tôi muốn rằng...
      • where there's a will there's a way: (tục ngữ) có chí thì nên
    • sự hăng say; sự quyết chí, sự quyết tâm
      • to work with a will: làm việc hăng say
      • a will that overcomes all difficulties: quyết tâm khắc phục mọi khó khăn
    • nguyện vọng, ý muốn; ý thích
      • against one's will: trái ý mình
      • at one's will and pleasure: tuỳ ý mình
      • of one's free will: hoàn toàn do ý muốn của mình
      • at will: theo ý muốn, tuỳ ý
      • to have one's will: đạt ý muốn, toại nguyện
    • (pháp lý) tờ di chúc, chúc thư
      • to make one's will: làm chúc thư
      • last will and testament: di mệnh, di chúc
  • ngoại động từ willed
    • tỏ ý chí; có quyết chí
    • định
      • Heaven willed it: trời đ định như thế
    • buộc, bắt buộc
      • to will oneself: tự buộc phi
    • (pháp lý) để lại bằng chức thư
    • động từ would
      • muốn
        • do as you will: anh cứ làm theo như ý anh muốn
      • thuận, bằng lòng
        • I hope you will sing: tôi hy vọng rằng anh sẽ bằng lòng hát
      • thường vẫn
        • he would go for a walk every morning: nó thường vẫn dạo chi mỗi sáng
      • nếu, giá mà, ước rằng
        • would I were in good health: giá mà tôi khoẻ
      • phi, tất nhiên; ắt là, hẳn là, chắc là
        • boys will be boys: con trai thì tất nhiên vẫn là con trai
        • and that will be his son with him: hẳn là con ông ta đang đi với ông ta
      • nhất định sẽ
        • accident will happen: tai nạn nhất định sẽ xy ra
      • sẽ (tưng lai)
        • I know he will change his mind: tôi biết rằng nó sẽ thay đổi ý kiến
      • có thể
        • the next stop will be Haiduong, I suppose: tôi cho rằng ga sắp đến có thể là Hi dưng
    Concise Dictionary
    +the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention
    +a fixed and persistent intent or purpose
    +a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die
    +decree or ordain
    +have in mind
    +determine by choice
    +leave or give by will after one's death

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 desire, wish, longing, liking, inclination, disposition, drive, purposefulness, purpose, intent, intention, resolve, commitment, resolution, determination; will-power:
    Where there's a will there's a way. Some believe that taking medication is against God's will. Marguerite seems to have lost the will to live.
    2 choice, wishes, desire, inclination:
    He was forced to submit against his will.
    3 (last will and) testament, last wishes:
    In accordance with his will, Josiah was buried at sea.
    4 at will. as or when (one) pleases or wishes or thinks fit(ting), at (one's) desire or whim or pleasure or discretion:
    If he brings his own car, then he can leave at will.
    5 want, desire, wish, choose, see fit, make, compel, force, command, order, ordain, require:
    When she willed him to appear, there was a flash of lightning and he was there.
    6 leave, bequeath, devise, hand down or on, pass on, transfer; settle upon or on:
    My great-uncle Philip willed me his collection of 19th-century theatre memorabilia.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    modal verb, verb, verb, noun
    modal verb (short form 'll )
    1 used for talking about or predicting the future: You'll be in time if you hurry. + How long will you be staying in Paris? + Fred said he'd be leaving soon. + By next year all the money will have been spent.
    2 used for showing that sb is willing to do sth: I'll check this letter for you, if you want. + They won't lend us any more money. + He wouldn't come-he said he was too busy. + We said we would keep them.
    3 used for asking sb to do sth: Will you send this letter for me, please? + You'll water the plants while I'm away, won't you? + I asked him if he wouldn't mind calling later.
    4 used for ordering sb to do sth: You'll do it this minute! + Will you be quiet!
    5 used for stating what you think is probably true: That'll be the doctor now. + You'll have had dinner already, I suppose.
    6 used for stating what is generally true: If it's made of wood it will float. + Engines won't run without lubricants.
    7 used for stating what is true or possible in a particular case: This jar will hold a kilo. + The door won't open!
    8 used for talking about habits: She'll listen to music, alone in her room, for hours. + He would spend hours on the telephone.
    Help Note: If you put extra stress on the word will or would in this meaning, it shows that the habit annoys you: He will comb his hair at the table, even though he knows I don't like it. - MODAL, SHALL
    + verb [V wh-] (third person singular present tense will) (only used in the simple present tense) (old-fashioned or formal) to want or like: Call it what you will, it's still a problem.
    + verb
    1 to use the power of your mind to do sth or to make sth happen: [VN] As a child he had thought he could fly, if he willed it enough. + [VN to inf] She willed her eyes to stay open. + He willed himself not to panic.
    2 (old use) to intend or want sth to happen: [VN] They thought they had been victorious in battle because God had willed it. [also V that]
    3 ~ sth (to sb)
    ~ sb sth to formally give your property or possessions to sb after you have died, by means of a will: [VNN, VN] Joe had willed them everything he possessed. + Joe had willed everything he possessed to them.
    + noun
    1 [C, U] the ability to control your thoughts and actions in order to achieve what you want to do; a feeling of strong determination to do sth that you want to do: to have a strong will + to have an iron will / a will of iron + Her decision to continue shows great strength of will. + In spite of what happened, he never lost the will to live. + The meeting turned out to be a clash of wills. + She always wants to impose her will on other people (= to get what she wants).
    See also - FREE WILL, WILL POWER
    2 [sing.] what sb wants to happen in a particular situation: I don't want to go against your will. + (formal) It is God's will. + They governed according to the will of the people.
    3 (also testament) [C] a legal document that says what is to happen to sb's money and property after they die: I ought to make a will. + My father left me the house in his will.
    See also - LIVING WILL
    4 (-willed) (in adjectives) having the type of will mentioned: a strong-willed young woman + weak-willed greedy people
    Idioms: against your will when you do not want to: I was forced to sign the agreement against my will.
    at will whenever or wherever you like: They were able to come and go at will.
    where there's a will there's a way (saying) if you really want to do sth then you will find a way of doing it
    with a will (written) in a willing and enthusiastic way: They set to work with a will.
    with the best will in the world used to say that you cannot do sth, even though you really want to: With the best will in the world I could not describe him as a good father.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 power to choose; desire


    indomitable, iron, strong
    her indomitable will to win His unassuming matter concealed an iron will.
    | weak | free | conscious | collective, general, majority, national, popular, public
    Is that the general will, that we keep the present voting arrangements?
    | individual | human | divine, God's | royal | political
    The government lacked the political will to reform the tax system. (see also


    She's got a very strong will.
    | lack | exercise, exert | lose
    She's lost the will to try and change things.
    | break, drain, sap
    Constant rejection has sapped her will.
    | regain | impose
    She usually manages to impose her will on the rest of the group.
    | bend to, obey
    They were taught to obey their father's will without question.
    | go against
    My father didn't want me to leave home, and I didn't like to go against his will.


    against your ~
    Much against my will, I let him go.
    | at ~
    She believes employers should have the right to hire and fire at will.


    an act of will
    It requires an act of will to make myself go running in the morning.
    | a battle/clash of wills
    The meeting turned out to be a clash of wills.
    | an effort of will
    With a great effort of will he resisted her pleas.
    | of your own free will
    She left of her own free will.
    | the will of God, the will to live
    She gradually regained the will to live.

    2 legal document


    Two people must witness your signature or your will will not be valid.
    | living
    (= a record of your wishes regarding medical treatment at the end of your life)


    draw up, make
    His solicitor drew up the will. Have you made your will?
    | sign | leave
    She left no will and was unmarried.
    | read | alter, change | revoke
    Remarriage would revoke all previous wills.
    | forge | remember sb in
    She was moved when her neighbour remembered her in his will.
    | administer, execute | challenge, contest
    The family decided to contest the will in court.
    | break, overturn, set aside
    They succeeded in getting the will overturned.


    by ~
    Some things cannot be given away by will.
    | in a/the ~
    She left me some money in her will.
    | under a/the ~
    Under her father's will, she gets £5,000 a year.


    sb's last will and testament

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