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wilderness /'wild nis/
  • danh từ
    • vùng hoang vu, vùng hoang d
    • phần bỏ hoang (trong khu vườn)
    • ni vắng vẻ tiêu điều, ni hoang tàn
      • a wilderness of streets: những d y phố hoang tàn
    • vô vàn, vô số
    • a voice in the wilderness
      • tiếng kêu trong sa mạc (nghĩa bóng)
    • wandering in the wilderness
      • (chính trị) không nắm chính quyền (đng)
Concise Dictionary
+(politics) a state of disfavor
+a wooded region in northeastern Virginia near Spotsylvania where inconclusive battles were fought in the American Civil War
+a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition
+a bewildering profusion

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [usually sing.]
1 a large area of land that has never been developed or used for growing crops because it is difficult to live there: The Antarctic is the world's last great wilderness. + (AmE) a wilderness area (= one where it is not permitted to build houses or roads) + (figurative) the barren wilderness of modern life
2 a place that people do not take care of or control: Their garden is a wilderness of grass and weeds. + That part of the city is a wilderness of run-down houses and derelict factories.
Idioms: in the wilderness no longer in an important position, especially in politics: After three years in the wilderness she was given a government post.
Collocation Dictionary


last | great | barren, desert, desolate | frozen | uncharted | unspoilt | political
(figurative) the man who brought the party back from the political wilderness


They transformed the wilderness into a garden.
| explore
They set out to explore the earth's last great wilderness, Antarctica.


(figurative) His wilderness years (= when he was out of politics and the public eye)in the 1990s were spent in North America.


in the ~
We were hopelessly lost in the wilderness.

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