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whopping /'w pi /
  • tính từ
    • (từ lóng) to lớn khác thường
      • a whopping lie: điều nói dối tr trẽn; điều nói láo không ngượng mồm
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 huge, great, enormous, colossal, gigantic, immense, tremendous, prodigious, monstrous, thumping, mammoth, massive, Brobdingnagian:
With that whopping Great Dane of yours in the kitchen there's no room to move about.
2 flagrant, outrageous, extravagant, terrible, awful:
Jones tells such whopping lies I don't know when to believe him.
Advanced English Dictionary
(also whopping great) + adjective
[only before noun] (informal) very big: The company made a whopping 75 million dollar loss.

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