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whoever /hu:'ev /
  • đại từ
    • ai, người nào, bất cứ ai, bất cứ người nào, dù ai
      • to everybody whoever he may be: cho tất c mọi người dù là ai
      • whoever says that is wrong: bất cứ ai nói điều đó cũng là sai
      • whoever you are: dù anh là ai
Concise Dictionary
who·ev·er || huː'evə(r)
pron. whichever person; who; who?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ pronoun
1 the person or people who; any person who: Whoever says that is a liar. + Send it to whoever is in charge of sales.
2 used to say that it does not matter who, since the result will be the same: Come out of there, whoever you are. + I don't want to see them, whoever they are.
3 used in questions to mean 'who', expressing surprise: Whoever heard of such a thing!

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