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whim /wim/
  • danh từ ((cũng) whimsy)
    • ý chợt ny ra; ý thích chợt ny ra
    • (kỹ thuật) máy trục quặng; máy tời
Concise Dictionary
whimshwɪm /w-
+a sudden desire
+an odd or fanciful or capricious idea

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
[C, U] a sudden wish to do or have sth, especially when it is sth unusual or unnecessary: He was forced to pander to her every whim. + We bought the house on a whim. + My duties seem to change daily at the whim of the boss. + the whims of fashion + She hires and fires people at whim.
Collocation Dictionary


sudden | slightest
The bird's nest is vulnerable to the slightest whim of the weather.
| individual, personal | political
Funding is subject to political whim.


indulge, pander to, satisfy | be subject to, be vulnerable to, depend on | suffer
For years she had suffered her husband's whims.


at (sb's) ~
They seem to be able to change the rules of the game at whim. Slaves could be bought and sold at the whim of their masters.
| on a ~
He bought the jacket on a whim, having seen it by chance in a shop window.


your every whim
The child's parents pandered to his every whim.

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