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wheedle /'wi:dl/
  • ngoại động từ
    • phỉnh, dỗ ngon, dỗ ngọt, dỗ dành
      • to wheedle someone into doing something: dỗ dành ai làm việc gì
    • vòi khéo, tán tỉnh; đánh lừa
      • to wheedle something out of someone: tán tỉnh ai để lấy cái gì
      • to wheedle someone out of someonething: đánh lừa ai để lấy cái gì
Concise Dictionary
wheedles|wheedled|wheedling'hwɪːdl /'w-
+influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering
Thesaurus Dictionary
coax, cajole, inveigle, charm, beguile, persuade, talk; butter up; Colloq con, sweet-talk:
Irena always managed to wheedle someone into taking her dancing.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
~ sth (out of sb)
~ sb into doing sth (disapproving) to persuade sb to give you sth or do sth by saying nice things that you do not mean: [VN] The kids can always wheedle money out of their father. + She wheedled me into lending her my new coat. [also V speech]

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