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wept /wi:p/
  • nội động từ wept
    • khóc
      • to weep bitterly: khóc thm thiết
      • to weep for joy: khóc vì vui sướng, sướng phát khóc
    • có cành rủ xuống (cây)
    • chy nước, ứa nước
      • the sore is weeping: vết đau chy nước
      • the rock is weeping: đá đổ mồ hôi
  • ngoại động từ
    • khóc về, khóc than về, khóc cho
      • to weep one's sad fate: khóc cho số phận hẩm hiu của mình
      • to weep out a farewell: nghẹn ngào thốt ra lời tạm biệt
      • to weep away the time: lúc nào cũng khóc lóc
      • to weep the night away: khóc suốt đêm
      • to weep one's heart out: khóc lóc thm thiết
      • to weep oneself out: khóc hết nước mắt
    • rỉ ra, ứa ra
Concise Dictionary
wept (weep)wept
verb cry; shed tears; mourn with tears; exude liquid, drip (as with sweat)
+shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 cry, shed tears, bawl, blubber, keen, sob, lament, mourn, bemoan, bewail, moan, grieve, whine, whimper, mewl, pule, snivel, Colloq blub, boohoo, Brit and Australian whinge:
A small child, sitting by herself, was weeping bitterly.
2 ooze, seep, exude, drip:
The wound had started weeping and needed bandaging.
Advanced English Dictionary
past tense, past participle of WEEP

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