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well /wel/
  • nội động từ
    • (+ up, out, forth) phun ra, vọt ra, tuôn ra (nước, nước mắt, máu)
      • tears welled from he eyes; tears welled up in her eyes: nước mắt cô ta tuôn ra
  • phó từ better; best
    • tốt, giỏi, hay
      • to work well: làm việc giỏi
      • to sing well: hát hay
      • to sleep well: ngủ tốt (ngon)
      • very well: tốt lắm, hay lắm, giỏi lắm, được lắm
      • to treat someone well: đối xử tốt với ai
      • to think well of someone: nghĩ tốt về ai
      • to speak well of someone: nói tốt về ai
      • to stand well with someone: được ai quý mến
      • well done!: hay lắm! hoan hô!
      • well met!: ồ may quá, đang muốn gặp anh đấy!
    • phong lưu, sung túc
      • to live well in...: sống sung túc (phong lưu) ở...
      • to do well: làm ăn khấm khá phát đạt
      • to be well off: phong lưu, sung túc
    • hợp lý, chính đáng, phi, đúng
      • you may well say so: anh có thể nói như thế được lắm
      • he did well to return it: nó đem tr lại cái đó là phi lắm
    • nhiều
      • to stir well: xáo động nhiều
      • to be well on in life: không còn trẻ nữa, đ luống tuổi rồi
    • kỹ, rõ, sâu sắc
      • to know someone well: biết rõ ai
      • rub it well: h y cọ thật kỹ cái đó
      • the aggressors ought to be well beaten before they give up their scheme: phi đánh cho bọn xâm lược một
      • trận nên thân trước khi chúng từ bỏ âm mưu
    • as well
      • cũng, cũng được, không hại gì
    • you can take him as well: anh có thể đưa nó đi với
    • you may as well begin at once: anh có thể bắt đầu ngay cũng được
    • as well as
      • như, cũng như, chẳng khác gì
    • by day as well as by night: ngày cũng như đêm
    • và còn thêm
      • we gave him money as well as food: chúng tôi cho nó tiền và còn thêm cái ăn nữa
    • pretty well
      • hầu như
  • tính từ better; best
    • tốt; tốt lành
      • things are well with you: anh được mọi sự tốt lành; mọi việc của anh đều ổn c
    • tốt, hay, đúng lúc, hợp thời, nên, cần
      • it's well that you have come: anh đến thật là tốt
      • it would be well to start early: có lẽ nên ra đi sớm
    • khoẻ, mạnh khoẻ, mạnh giỏi
      • to feel quite well: cm thấy rất khoẻ
      • to get well: đ khỏi (người ốm)
    • may, may mắn
      • it was well for him that nobody saw him: may mà không ai thấy nó
    • it's (that's) all very well but...
      • (mỉa mai) hay đấy, nhưng...
  • thán từ
    • quái, lạ quá
      • well, who would have thought it would happen?: quái!, ai nào có tưởng là việc ấy có thể xy ra được?
    • đấy, thế đấy
      • well, here we are at last: đấy, cuối cùng chúng ta đ đến đây
    • thế nào, sao
      • well what about it?: thế nào, về điểm ấy thì nghĩ sao?
      • well then?: rồi sao?
    • thôi, thôi được, thôi nào; nào nào; thôi thế là
      • well, such is life!: thôi, đời là thế well
      • wellm it may be true!: thôi được, điều đó có thể đúng!
      • well, well!, don't cry!: thôi nào đừng khóc nữa!
    • được, ừ
      • very well!: được!, ừ!, tốt quá!
    • vậy, vậy thì
      • well, as I was saying...: vậy, như tôi vừa nói, ...
  • danh từ
    • điều tốt, điều hay, điều lành, điều thiện
      • to wish someone well: chúc ai gặp điều tốt lành
    • to let well alone
      • đ tốt rồi không phi xen vào nữa; đừng có chữa lợn lành thành lợn què
  • danh từ
    • giếng (nước, dầu...)
      • to bore a well: khoan giếng
      • to sink a well: đào giếng
    • (nghĩa bóng) nguồn (cm hứng, hạnh phúc)
    • (kiến trúc) lồng cầu thang
    • lọ (mực)
    • (hàng hi) khoang cá (trong thuyền đánh cá); buồng máy bm (trên tàu)
    • chỗ ngồi của các luật sư (toà án)
    • (hàng không) chỗ phi công ngồi
    • (địa lý,địa chất) nguồn nước, suối nước
    • (ngành mỏ) hầm, lò
Concise Dictionary
+a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine
+a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid
+an abundant source
+an open shaft through the floors of a building (as for a stairway)
+an enclosed compartment in a ship or plane for holding something as e.g. fish or a plane's landing gear or for protecting something as e.g. a ship's pumps
+come up, as of a liquid
+in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury
+resulting favorably
+wise or advantageous and hence advisable
+(often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well')
+thoroughly or completely; fully; often used as a combining form
+indicating high probability; in all likelihood
+(used for emphasis or as an intensifier) entirely or fully
+to a suitable or appropriate extent or degree
+favorably; with approval
+to a great extent or degree
+with great or especially intimate knowledge
+with prudence or propriety
+with skill or in a pleasing manner
+in a manner affording benefit or advantage
+in financial comfort
+without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 satisfactorily, sufficiently, adequately, agreeably, nicely, (well) enough, Colloq OK or okay:
Alan is doing well these days.
2 successfully, famously, marvellously, wonderfully, fabulously, incredibly, splendidly, admirably, spectacularly, excellently, superbly:
Barbara and David really get along well together.
3 articulately, understandably, expressively, correctly, accurately, properly, proficiently, effectively, artistically, poetically; grammatically:
Henry will make a good announcer because he speaks well.
4 comfortably, luxuriously, prosperously, extravagantly, showily, pretentiously, ostentatiously, sumptuously, grandly, opulently:
How can Rita live so well with no visible income? Living well is the best revenge.
5 graciously, kindly, highly, favourably, glowingly, approvingly, warmly, genially, cordially, amiably, kind-heartedly, warm-heartedly, affectionately, lovingly:
Rudolph has always spoken well of you, Aileen.
6 skilfully, expertly, adeptly, proficiently, ably:
Does Anne play well enough to compete professionally? Paul sings well.
7 far, by a long way, immeasurably, (very) much; far and away, definitely, positively, obviously, clearly, plainly, manifestly, evidently, unquestionably, decidedly, beyond (the shadow of a) doubt, Colloq by a long chalk:
Keep well away from the fuel tank before lighting that cigarette. She is well beyond the beginner stage. This painting is well worth what you paid.
8 good-naturedly, equably, coolly, serenely, calmly, soberly, unexcitedly, sedately:
Burt took the bad news about his car very well.
9 likely, probably, in all probability, doubtlessly, without doubt, not unexpectedly, indeed:
He might well say he needs no help.
10 easily, without difficulty:
Though he gave her the money, he could not well spare it.
11 completely, entirely, wholly:
Before she could well finish her sentence, he was out of the house.
12 thoroughly (cooked), (cooked) through and through, completely (cooked):
He likes his roast beef well done.
13 intimately, closely, familiarly, personally; thoroughly, profoundly, soundly, fully:
Do you know Boris well? I learnt my lesson well.
14 fairly, justly, suitably, properly, adequately, reasonably, fully, generously, amply:
James is well paid for his work.
15 happily, mercifully, fortunately, luckily:
After the divorce, both said they were well rid of each other.
16 healthy, fit, hale, robust, vigorous, hearty, in fine or good fettle, Colloq in good shape:
Wendy felt really well after her holiday.
17 satisfactory, pleasing, agreeable, good, right, all right, fine, proper, OK or okay:
When he phoned the office, they told him all was well.
1 well-spring, spring, fountain, well-head, fountain-head, fount, source, reservoir:
The well provided a constant supply of cool clear water.
2 Often, well up or out or forth. flow, spring, surge, rise, stream, trickle, brim over, swell, start; gush, spurt, jet, spout; ooze, seep, leak:
Tears welled up in the child's eyes when she saw the broken doll.
Advanced English Dictionary
adverb, adjective, exclamation, noun, verb
+ adverb (better )
1 in a good, right or satisfactory way: The kids all behaved well. + The conference was very well organized. + (spoken) Well done! (= expressing admiration for what sb has done) + His campaign was not going well. + These animals make very good pets if treated well (= with kindness). + People spoke well of (= spoke with approval of) him. + She took it very well (= did not react too badly), all things considered. + They lived well (= in comfort and spending a lot of money) and were generous with their money. + She was determined to marry well (= marry sb rich and / or with a high social position).
2 thoroughly and completely: Add the lemon juice and mix well. + The surface must be well prepared before you start to paint. + How well do you know Carla? + He's well able to take care of himself. + (BrE, spoken, informal) I was well annoyed, I can tell you.
3 to a great extent or degree: He was driving at well over the speed limit. + a well-loved tale + The castle is well worth a visit. + He liked her well enough (= to a reasonable degree) but he wasn't going to make a close friend of her.
4 can / could ~ easily: She could well afford to pay for it herself.
5 can / could / may / might ~ probably: You may well be right. + It may well be that the train is delayed.
6 can / could / may / might ~ with good reason: I can't very well leave now. + I couldn't very well refuse to help them, could I? + 'What are we doing here?' 'You may well ask (= I don't really know either).'
Idioms: as well (as sb/sth) in addition to sb/sth; too: Are they coming as well? + They sell books as well as newspapers. + She is a talented musician as well as being a photographer. - ALSO
be doing well to be getting healthier after an illness; to be in good health after a birth: Mother and baby are doing well.
be well on the way to sth / doing sth to have nearly achieved sth and be going to achieve it soon: She is well on the way to recovery. + He is well on the way to establishing himself among the top ten players in the world.
be well out of sth (BrE, informal) to be lucky that you are not involved in sth: I don't know exactly what's been going on. I only know that you're well out of it.
be well up in sth to know a lot about sth: He's well up in all the latest developments.
do well to be successful: Jack is doing very well at school.
do well by sb to treat sb generously
do well for yourself to become successful or rich
do well out of sb/sth to make a profit or get money from sb/sth
do well to do sth to be sensible or wise to do sth: He would do well to concentrate more on his work. + You did well to sell when the price was high.
leave / let well alone (BrE) (AmE let well enough alone) to not get involved in sth that does not concern you: When it comes to other people's arguments, it's better to leave well alone.
may / might (just) as well do sth to do sth because it seems best in the situation that you are in, although you may not really want to do it: If no one else wants it, we might as well give it to him.
well and truly (informal) completely: By that time we were well and truly lost.
well away (BrE, informal)
1 having made good progress: If we got Terry to do that, we'd be well away.
2 drunk or fast asleep
well in (with sb) (informal) to be good friends with sb, especially sb important: She seems to be well in with all the right people.
well off
1 having a lot of money; rich: His family is not very well off. + The less well-off pensioners are finding it hard to survive on what they get.
2 in a good situation: Some people don't know when they're well off (= do not realize how lucky they are).
well off for sth having plenty of sth: We're well off for storage space in the new offices.
more at BLOODY, FUCKING, JOLLY adv., KNOW v., MEAN v., PRETTY adv.
+ adjective (better )
1 [not usually before noun] in good health: I don't feel very well. + Is she well enough to travel? + Get well soon! (for example, on a card) + I'm better now, thank you. + (informal) He's not a well man. - HEALTHY
2 [not before noun] in a satisfactory state or position: It seems that all is not well at home. + All's well that ends well (= used when sth has ended happily, even though you thought it might not).
3 [not before noun] (as) ~ (to do sth) sensible; a good idea: It would be just as well to call and say we might be late. + (formal) It would be well to start early.
Idioms: all very well (for sb) (to do sth) (informal) used to criticize or reject a remark that sb has made, especially when they were trying to make you feel happier about sth: It's all very well for you to say it doesn't matter, but I've put a lot of work into this and I want it to be a success.
all well and good (informal) good but not completely satisfactory: That's all well and good, but why didn't he call her to say so?
+ exclamation
1 used to express surprise, anger or RELIEF: Well, well-I would never have guessed it! + Well, really! What a thing to say! + Well, thank goodness that's over!
2 used to show that you accept that sth cannot be changed: Well, it can't be helped. + 'We lost.' 'Oh, well. Better luck next time.'
3 used to agree to sth, rather unwillingly: Well, I suppose I could fit you in at 3.45. + Oh, very well, then, if you insist.
4 used when continuing a conversation after a pause: Well, as I was saying ...
5 used to express uncertainty: 'Do you want to come?' 'Well, I'm not sure.'
6 used to show that you are waiting for sb to say sth: Well? Are you going to tell us or not?
7 used to mark the end of a conversation: Well, I'd better be going now.
8 used when you are pausing to consider your next words: I think it happened, well, towards the end of last summer.
9 used when you want to correct or change sth that you have just said: There were thousands of people there-well, hundreds, anyway.
Idioms: well I never (did)! (old-fashioned) used to express surprise
more at SAY v.
+ noun
1 a deep hole in the ground from which people obtain water. The sides of wells are usually covered with brick or stone and there is usually some covering or a small wall at the top of the well: to dig / sink a well
3 a narrow space in a building that drops down from a high to a low level and usually contains a staircase or lift/elevator
See also - STAIRWELL
4 (BrE) the space in front of the judge in a court of law, where the lawyers sit
+ verb [V] ~ (up)
1 (of a liquid) to rise to the surface of sth and start to flow: Tears were welling up in her eyes.
2 (literary) (of an emotion) to become stronger: Hate welled up inside him as he thought of the two of them together.
Compound adjectives beginning with well are generally written with no hyphen when they are used alone after a verb, but with a hyphen when they come before a noun: She is well dressed. + a well-dressed woman. The forms without hyphens are given here, but forms with hyphens can be seen in some examples.
The comparative and superlative forms of these are usually formed with better and best: better-known poets + the best-dressed person in the room.(also well)
+ noun
a hole made in the ground to obtain oil
Collocation Dictionary

1 for water


deep, shallow | artesian | holy | wishing


dig, sink


run dry

2 for oil





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