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wed /wed/
  • ngoại động từ
    • g chồng, cưới vợ cho; kết hôn với; làm lễ cưới cho
    • kết hợp, hoà hợp
      • to wed simplicity to (with) beauty: kết hợp tính đn gin với vẻ đẹp
  • nội động từ
    • lấy nhau, cưới nhau, kết hôn
Concise Dictionary
+the fourth day of the week; the third working day
+take in marriage
+perform a marriage ceremony
+having been taken in marriage
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 marry, espouse, get married, become husband and wife, say or take (one's) (marriage) vows, join or unite in holy wedlock or matrimony; lead down the aisle, lead to the altar, Archaic wive; Colloq tie the knot, get hitched, get spliced:
They were wed on the fourth of July, 1921. That was when Harry wed Annabel.
2 combine, unite, ally, marry, blend, merge, join, mingle, intermingle, commingle, coalesce, mix, intermix, amalgamate, compound, alloy, fuse, homogenize:
As a chef, he is extremely fortunate to be able to wed business to pleasure.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(wedded, wedded or wed, wed) (not used in the progressive tenses) (old-fashioned or used in newspapers) to marry: [V] The couple plan to wed next summer. + [VN] Rock star to wed top model (= in a newspaper headline). + With this ring I thee wed.

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