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wear /weə/
  • danh từ
    • sự mang; sự dùng; sự mặc
      • for autumn wear: để mặc mùa thu
      • the shirt I have in wear: cái so mi tôi đang mặc
    • quần áo; giầy dép
      • evening wear: quần áo mặt tối
      • men's wear: quần áo đàn ông
    • sự chịu mòn, sự mặc được, sự dùng được
      • of never-ending wear: không bao giờ mòn rách
      • there is a lot of wear left in my dress: cái áo của tôi còn mặc được chán
    • sự hao mòn, sự mòn; (pháp lý) sự hư hỏng (nhà cửa)
      • one-sided wear: mòn một bên
      • wear and tear: sự hao mòn và hư hỏng
    • (kỹ thuật) sự mòn
    • (tài chính) sự giảm trọng lượng (tiền vàng hay bạc, vì mòn)
    • ngoại động từ wore; worn
      • mang, đeo; mặc; để (râu, tóc); đội (mũ)
        • to wear glasses: đeo kính
        • to wear a sword: mang gươm
        • to wear black: mặc đồ đen
        • to wear a moustache: để một bộ ria
        • to wear one's hair long: để tóc dài
        • to wear a hat: đội mũ
      • dùng mòn, dùng cũ, dùng hỏng; làm cho tiều tuỵ; làm cho hao mòn, phá hoại dần ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
        • to wear one's coat to rags: mặc áo cho đến rách tả tơi
        • to wear one's coat threadbare: mặc áo cho đến sờn cả chỉ
        • to wear a hole in: mặc (đi, dùng) cho đến thủng (rách) ra
        • to be worn with care: (nghĩa bóng) tiều tuỵ đi vì lo âu
      • dùng mãi cho quen, dùng mãi cho vừa, dùng mãi cho khớp
        • to wear a pair of shoes comfortable: đi mã đôi giầy cho quen (vừa) chân
      • có (vẻ), tỏ (vẻ), tỏ ra, có, mang
        • to wear a troubled look: có vẻ bối rối
        • to wear a famous name: có tiếng, lừng danh
    • nội động từ
      • mòn đi, bị mòn; bị dùng hỏng, cũ đi
      • dần dần quen, dần dần vừa
        • my new shoes are wearing to my feet: đôi giày mới của tôi dần dần đi vừa chân
      • dùng, dùng được
        • good leather will wear for year: da tốt dùng được lâu năm
      • (nghĩa bóng) dần dần trở nên
        • enthusiasm wears thin: nhiệt tình dần dần trở nên sút kém
      • to wear away
        • làm mòn dần, làm mất dần
      • cũ dần, hỏng dần, mòn đi; yếu dần, suy nhược đi (sức khoẻ, tinh thần, cuộc sống); nguôi dần (nỗi đau khổ)
      • chậm chạp trôi qua (thời gian)
      • to waer down
        • làm mòn (đế giày, dụng cụ)
      • làm kiệt sức dần, tiêu hao dần (lực lượng địch)
      • to wear off
        • làm mòn mất; mòn mất
      • qua đi, mất đi
      • to wear on
        • tiếp tục, tiếp diễn, vẫn còn kéo dài (cuộc thảo luận)
      • trôi qua (thời gian)
      • to wear out
        • làm cho mòn hẳn; làm rách hết (quần áo...); mòn, hao mòn
      • làm mệt lử, làm kiệt sức; kiệt đi
        • to wear oneself out: kiệt sức
        • patience wears out: không thể kiên nhẫn được nữa
      • kéo dài, chậm chạp trôi qua (thời gian)
        • don't wear your youth out in trifles: đừng để cho tuổi thanh xuân trôi qua vì những việc vụn vặt
        • to wear out one's welcome: ở chơi lâu đến nỗi người ta không muốn tiếp nữa
      • to wear well
        • dùng bền, bền
      • woollen clothes wear well: quần áo len mặc bền
      • their friendship has worn well: (nghĩa bóng) tình bạn của họ bền lâu
      • to wear one's years well
        • trẻ lâu, trông còn trẻ
    Concise Dictionary
    wore|worn|wears|wearingwer /weə
    +impairment resulting from long use
    +a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
    +the act of having on your person as a covering or adornment
    +be dressed in
    +have on one's person
    +have in one's aspect; wear an expression of one's attitude or personality
    +deteriorate through use or stress
    +have or show an appearance of
    +last and be usable
    +go to pieces
    +exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress
    +put clothing on one's body

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 be dressed or clothed in, dress in, put on, don, be in, step or get into or in, have on, sport:
    I shall wear my new suit tonight.
    2 display, show, exhibit, have, adopt, assume:
    I wondered why she wore such a curious expression.
    3 Often, wear down or away or off. damage, impair, harm, fray, erode, abrade, corrode, rub (off):
    The water has worn down the rocks till they are round and shiny. The inscription on the stone is worn away. After years of use, the paint has worn off.
    4 Often, wear well. last, endure, survive, hold up, bear up, stand up:
    I wrote to the makers telling them the shoes have worn well.
    5 drag, pass slowly, creep by or along, go by gradually or tediously:
    The hours wore on as I waited for the test results.
    6 Often, wear out. tire, fatigue, exhaust, debilitate, weary, enervate, drain, burden:
    You must be worn out from carrying those heavy books.
    7 bore, exasperate, harass, vex, annoy, irritate, tax, strain:
    I find it wearing to listen to that music all day long.
    8 wearing, use, utilization; attire, garb, clothing, clothes, apparel, dress, gear:
    Did you get much wear out of your new hat? Suzanne is modelling a silver lamé dress for evening wear.
    9 wear and tear, attrition, deterioration, damage, fraying, chafing, abrasion, erosion, corrosion, friction:
    As the engine ages, heavier oil is needed to offset the normal wear.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb
    (wore )
    clothing / ornament
    1 [VN] to have sth on your body as a piece of clothing, an ornament, etc: Do I have to wear a tie? + to wear a coat / hat / ring / badge / watch + Was she wearing a seat belt? + He wore glasses. + She always wears black (= black clothes).
    2 to have your hair in a particular style; to have a BEARD or MOUSTACHE: [VN-ADJ] She wears her hair long. + [VN] to wear a beard / moustache
    expression on face
    3 [VN] to have a particular expression on your face: He wore a puzzled look on his face. + His face wore a puzzled look.
    damage with use
    4 to become, or make sth become thinner, smoother or weaker through continuous use or rubbing: [V] The carpets are starting to wear. + [V-ADJ] The sheets have worn thin. + [VN-ADJ] The stones have been worn smooth by the constant flow of water.
    5 [VN +adv./prep.] to make a hole, path, etc. in sth by continuous use or rubbing: I've worn holes in all my socks. + The water had worn a channel in the rock.
    stay in good condition
    6 [V] ~ well to stay in good condition after being used for a long time: That carpet is wearing well, isn't it? + (figurative, humorous) You're wearing well-only a few grey hairs!
    accept / allow
    7 [VN] (usually used in questions and negative sentences) (BrE, informal) to accept or allow sth, especially sth that you do not approve of
    Idioms: wear your heart on your sleeve to allow your feelings to be seen by other people: He's not one to wear his heart on his sleeve.
    wear thin to begin to become weaker or less acceptable: These excuses are wearing a little thin (= because we've heard them so many times before). + My patience is beginning to wear very thin.
    wear the trousers (BrE) (AmE wear the pants) (often disapproving) (especially of a woman) to be the person in a marriage or other relationship who makes most of the decisions: It's obvious who wears the trousers in that family!
    more at CAP n.
    Phrasal Verbs: wear away
    wear sth<->away to become, or make sth become, gradually thinner or smoother by continuously using or rubbing it: The inscription on the coin had worn away. + The steps had been worn away by the feet of thousands of pilgrims.
    wear down
    wear sth<->down to become, or make sth become, gradually smaller or smoother by continuously using or rubbing it: Notice how the tread on this tyre has worn down.
    wear sb/sth<->down to make sb/sth weaker or less determined, especially by continuously attacking or putting pressure on them or it over a period of time: Her persistence paid off and she eventually wore me down. + This relentless pressure began to wear down their resistance.
    wear off to gradually disappear or stop: The effects of the drug will soon wear off. + The novelty of married life was beginning to wear off.
    wear on (written) (of time) to pass, especially in a way that seems slow: As the evening wore on, she became more and more nervous.
    wear out
    wear sth<->out to become, or make sth become, thin or no longer able to be used, usually because it has been used too much: He wore out two pairs of shoes last year.
    wear yourself / sb out to make yourself/sb feel very tired: The kids have totally worn me out. + You'll wear yourself out if you carry on working so hard.
    + noun [U]
    1 (usually in compounds) used especially in shops/stores to describe clothes for a particular purpose or occasion: casual / evening wear + children's / ladies' wear + sportswear
    2 the fact of wearing sth: casual clothes for everyday wear + These woollen suits are not designed for wear in hot climates.
    3 the amount or type of use that sth has over a period of time: You should get years of wear out of that carpet.
    4 the damage or loss of quality that is caused when sth has been used a lot: His shoes were beginning to show signs of wear. + The machines have to be checked regularly for wear.
    Idioms: wear and tear the damage to objects, furniture, property, etc. that is the result of normal use: The insurance policy does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear. + The living-room carpet has to stand up to the combined wear and tear of two dogs and three children.
    more at WORSE n.
    wear / carry / have on
    You wear clothes, including gloves, scarves, belts, watches and glasses, and also perfume on your skin: Do you have to wear a suit for work? + I've been wearing glasses for ten years. You can also say you have something on:
    She had on some very unusual earrings. + He ran outside without any shoes on.

    You carry objects with you when you go somewhere, especially in your hands or arms: He wasn't wearing his raincoat, he was carrying it over his arm. + She always carries an umbrella in her briefcase.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 use as clothing


    everyday, weekend | summer, winter


    in ~
    Silk shirts always feel soft and light in wear.
    | with ~
    New shoes usually get more comfortable with wear.


    years of wear
    This is a quality garment which should give years of wear.

    2 clothes


    day, evening | designer, fashion | casual, leisure, outdoor | bridal, maternity | children's, men's, women's

    3 long use


    hard, heavy


    This flooring can withstand years of hard wear.


    … with ~
    The stairs had become slippery with wear.


    centuries, years, etc. of wear
    The cathedral steps were polished smooth by centuries of wear.

    4 damage caused by long use


    excessive | engine, tyre, etc.


    The tyres were beginning to show wear.
    | cause | minimize, reduce


    the analysis of wear patterns on prehistoric stone tools
    | guarantee
    The flooring comes with a 20-year wear guarantee.


    ~ on
    This new oil reduces wear on the engine.


    signs of wear, wear and tear

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