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watch /wɔtʃ/
  • danh từ
    • đồng hồ quả quít; đồng hồ đeo tay
    • danh từ
      • sự canh gác, sự canh phòng
        • to keep a close (good) watch over: canh phòng nghiêm ngặt
      • người canh gác, người canh phòng; người gác, người trực
      • tuần canh, phiên canh, phiên gác
      • (hàng hải) tổ trực (trên tàu thuỷ)
      • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) sự thức đêm; buổi thức đêm
      • to be on the watch
        • canh phòng, canh gác
      • thấp thỏm chờ; cảnh giác chờ đón
      • nội động từ
        • thức canh, gác đêm
        • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) thức, thức đêm
          • to watch all night: thức suốt đêm
      • ngoại động từ
        • canh gác; trông nom
          • to watch the clothes: trông nom quần áo
        • rình, theo dõi
          • to watch a mouse: rình một con chuột
          • the suspect is watched by the police: kẻ tình nghi bị công an theo dõi
        • nhìn xem, quan sát, để ý xem
          • to watch the others play: nhìn những người khác chơi
        • chờ
          • to watch one's opportunity: chờ cơ hội
          • to watch one's time: chời thời
        • to watch after
          • nhìn theo, theo dõi
        • to watch for
          • chờ, rình
        • to watch for the opportunity to occur: chờ cơ hội
        • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) quan sát, để ý xem
          • to watch for the symptoms of measles: quan sát triệu chứng của bệnh sởi
        • to watch out
          • chú ý, để ý, coi chừng
        • to watch over
          • trông nom, canh gác
        • to make someone watch his step
          • bắt ai phải vào khuôn phép, bắt ai phải phục tùng
        • to watch one's step
          • đi thận trọng (cho khỏi ngã)
        • giữ gìn, thận trọng (cho khỏi sai lầm, cho khỏi bị thua thiệt)
        • watched pot never boils
          • (xem) pot
      Concise Dictionary
      watches|watched|watchingwɑtʃ /wɒ-
      +a small portable timepiece
      +a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
      +a purposeful surveillance to guard or observe
      +the period during which someone (especially a guard) is on duty
      +a person employed to watch for something to happen
      +the rite of staying awake for devotional purposes (especially on the eve of a religious festival)
      +look attentively
      +follow with the eyes or the mind
      +see or watch
      +observe with attention
      +be vigilant, be on the lookout, be on one's guard, be careful
      +observe or determine by looking
      +find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 observe, regard, look at, gaze at or on, take in, contemplate:
      Daniel loves to watch the bears at the zoo.
      2 look after, tend, mind, keep an eye on, watch over, mind, guard, care for, take care of, safeguard, protect, shield, keep safe, supervise, superintend; chaperon, accompany, attend; Colloq babysit (for), sit (with):
      Could you please watch Suzie while I go shopping?
      3 observe, note, notice, make or take note of, see, pay attention (to), attend (to), follow, (take) heed (of), examine, inspect, scrutinize, pore over; eye, peer at; ogle, make eyes at:
      Watch the way I bone this fish. Ted enjoys watching the girls going by.
      4 Often, watch (out) for. look for, be on the watch or lookout or alert or qui vive (for), guard (against), keep an eye open (for), be watchful (for), note, take note or notice of, be vigilant (for or of), keep (one's) eyes open (for), keep a (sharp) lookout (for), be prepared or ready for, be careful of, anticipate, await, wait (for), look for, Colloq keep (one's) eyes peeled or skinned (for), keep a weather eye open (for):
      We were watching for irregularities in the test results. Watch where you're going! Watch out for that last step!
      5 vigil, surveillance, observation, lookout:
      Our six-hour watch was rewarded by the appearance of a yellow-bellied sapsucker.
      6 clock, timepiece, pocket watch, wrist-watch; chronometer:
      I always set my watch by the GMT time signal on the radio.
      7 sentry, sentinel, guard, watchman:
      The midnight watch just returned from his rounds.
      8 on the watch (for). on the alert (for), on the lookout (for), on (one's) guard (for), on the qui vive (for), alert (for or to), awake (to), observant (of), watchful (of), cautious (of), wary (of), vigilant, circumspect:
      We remained on the watch for the slightest movement in the bushes.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      verb, noun
      + verb
      1 to look at sb/sth for a time, paying attention to what happens: [VN] to watch television / a football game + [VN, V] He watched the house for signs of activity. + He watched for signs of activity in the house. + [V] 'Would you like to play?' 'No thanks-I'll just watch.' + She stood and watched as the taxi drove off. + We watched to see what would happen next. + [V wh-] Watch what I do, then you try. + [VN -ing] She watched the kids playing in the yard. + [VN inf] They watched the bus disappear into the distance.
      2 [VN] to take care of sb/sth for a short time: Could you watch my bags for me while I buy a paper?
      3 (BrE also mind) (informal) to be careful about sth: [VN] Watch yourself (= be careful, because you're in a dangerous situation)! + Watch your bag-there are thieves around. + I have to watch every penny (= be careful what I spend). + Watch your head on the low ceiling. + [V wh-] Hey, watch where you're going!
      Idioms: watch the clock (disapproving) to be careful not to work longer than the required time; to think more about when your work will finish than about the work itself
      watch it (informal) used as a warning to sb to be careful
      watch your mouth / tongue to be careful what you say in order not to offend sb or make them angry
      watch this space (informal) used in orders, to tell sb to wait for more news about sth to be announced: I can't tell you any more right now, but watch this space.
      watch the world go by to relax and watch people in a public place: We sat outside a cafe, watching the world go by.
      more at LANGUAGE, STEP n.
      Phrasal Verbs: watch for sb/sth to look and wait for sb/sth to appear or for sth to happen: The cat was on the wall, watching for birds.
      watch out (spoken) used to warn sb about sth dangerous: Watch out! There's a car coming!
      watch out for sb/sth
      1 to make an effort to be aware of what is happening, so that you will notice if anything bad or unusual happens: The cashiers were asked to watch out for forged banknotes.
      2 to be careful of sth: Watch out for the stairs-they're steep.
      watch over sb/sth (formal) to take care of sb/sth; to guard and protect sb/sth
      + noun
      1 [C] a type of small clock that you wear on your wrist, or (in the past) carried in your pocket: She kept looking anxiously at her watch. + My watch is fast / slow.
      2 [sing., U] the act of watching sb/sth carefully in case of possible danger or problems: The police have mounted a watch outside the hotel. + I'll keep watch while you go through his papers (= watch and warn you if somebody is coming). + The government is keeping a close watch on how the situation develops.
      3 [C, U] a fixed period of time, usually while other people are asleep, during which sb watches for any danger so that they can warn others, for example on a ship; the person or people who do this: I'm on first watch. + I go on watch in an hour.
      See also - NIGHTWATCHMAN
      Idioms: be on the watch (for sb/sth) to be looking carefully for sb/sth that you expect to see, especially in order to avoid possible danger: Be on the watch for thieves.
      more at CLOSE adj.
      Collocation Dictionary

      1 instrument for telling the time


      digital | fob, pocket, wrist
      | sports

      VERB + WATCH

      check, consult, glance at, look at | put back/forward
      We put our watches forward eight hours before landing in Tokyo.
      | set
      Don't forget to set your watch to local time.
      | wind
      Quartz watches don't need winding.
      | have on, wear | put on | take off

      WATCH + VERB

      My watch is ten years old and it's still going.
      | stop
      Sorry I'm late?my watch has stopped.
      | be slow, lose sth
      My watch loses a minute each day.
      | be fast, gain sth | say sth
      My watch says three o'clock.

      WATCH + NOUN

      face | band

      2 guard


      careful, close
      I kept a close watch on my bag as I sat on the train.
      | constant, round-the-clock | night

      VERB + WATCH

      keep, stand
      Two soldiers were ordered to keep watch for enemy aircraft.
      | put
      The garrison commander had put an extra watch on the prisoners.

      WATCH + NOUN

      committee | tower


      on ~
      Some of the crew were sleeping, while others were on watch.
      | on the ~ for
      Cats are constantly on the watch for mice or other small mammals.



      carefully, closely, intently
      She watched the man closely to see where he would go.
      | idly | impassively, numbly | anxiously, helplessly, warily
      She watched helplessly as her husband was dragged away.
      | open-mouthed | covertly | in silence, silently | just
      I love just watching the world go by.

      VERB + WATCH

      could only
      They could only watch in silence as their possessions were taken away.
      | continue to | pause to, stop to
      They stopped to watch the procession go by.
      | love to | let sb
      He let me watch while he assembled the model.
      | make sb
      The women were made to watch while their children were slaughtered.


      We watched for any sign of change in the weather.
      | from
      They watched from an upstairs window.
      | in
      She watched in astonishment as he smashed the machine to pieces.
      | with
      He watched with great interest how she coaxed the animals towards her.


      sit/stand and watch
      She stood and watched them walk off down the road.

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