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wash /wɔʃ/
  • danh từ
    • sự tắm rửa, sự tắm gội, sự rửa ráy
      • to have a wash: tắm rửa, rửa ráy
    • sự rửa (vật gì)
      • to give something a wash: rửa vật gì
    • sự giặt, sự giặt giũ; quần áo giặt; nơi giặt
      • to send clothes to the wash: đem giặt quần áo
    • nước rửa, nước gội
    • nước rửa bát, nước vo gạo
    • nước lã, nước ốc
      • this soupe is a mere wash: súp nhạt như nước ốc
      • this tea is like wash: nước chè này đúng là như nước lã
    • lớp tráng, lớp thiếp (trên mặt kim loại); nước vôi (quét tường)
    • (địa lý,địa chất) phù sa, đất bồi
    • (hội họa) lớp màu nước (trên mặt bức hoạ)
    • (hàng hải) sóng; tiếng sóng
    • to come out in the wash
      • có kết quả tốt, kết thúc tốt
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) sớm muộn rồi cũng lộ ra, sớm muộn rồi cũng ra ánh sáng; sớm muộn rồi cũng giải thích ra
    • ngoại động từ
      • rửa
        • to wash one's hands: rửa tay; (nghĩa bóng) phủi tay, không chịu trách nhiệm
      • giặt
      • chảy, chảy sát gần, vỗ vào
        • the sea washes the base of the cliffs: biển vỗ vào chân vách đá
      • cuốn đi, giạt vào
        • to be washed over ashore: bị giạt vào bờ
      • khoét, nạo
        • the water had washed a channel in the sand: nước đã khoét thành một đường mương trong cát
      • thấm đẫm, làm ướt
        • washed with dew: đẫm sương
        • washed with tears: đầm đìa nước mắt
      • thiếp vàng (một kim loại); quét vôi, quét sơn (tường)
      • (hội họa) tô màu nước (lên bức hoạ)
      • (kỹ thuật) đãi (quặng)
      • nội động từ
        • rửa ráy, tắm rửa, tắm gội
        • giặt quần áo
          • to wash for a living: làm nghề giặt quần áo để kiếm sống
        • có thể giặt được (mà không hỏng...)
          • this stuff won't wash: vải len này không giặt được
          • that won't wash!: (nghĩa bóng) cái đó không được!
          • that argument won't wash: lý lẽ ấy không vững
        • bị nước xói lở (con đường...)
        • to wash away
          • rửa sạch (vết bẩn)
        • làm lở, cuốn trôi, cuốn đi
          • the bank is gradually washed by the current: bờ sông bị dòng nước làm cho lở mòn dần
        • to wash down
          • rửa (bằng vòi nước)
        • to wash down a car: rửa xe ô tô
        • nuốt trôi, chiêu
          • he swallows a glass of water to wash his bread down: nó uống một cốc nước để nuốt trôi miếng bánh
          • to wash down one's dinner with wine: vừa ăn vừa chiêu rượu
        • to wash off
          • rửa sạch, giặt sạch
        • to wash out
          • rửa sạch, súc sạch (cái chai)
        • pha loãng; loãng ra, phai đi, bay mất (màu sắc), bạc màu (vì giặt nhiều)
          • dress is quite washed out: áo bạc hết màu
        • có thể tẩy (rửa) đi được
        • đãi (cát lấy vàng)
        • giũ sạch (nợ); rửa (nhục)
          • to wash out an insult in blood: rửa nhục bằng máu
          • all his debts are washed out: nó đã giũ sạch được hết các món nợ
          • to be (look, feel) washed out: (thông tục) mệt lử, phờ phạc
        • to wash up
          • rửa bát đĩa
        • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) rửa mặt, tắm gội
        • cuốn, đưa vào bờ, giạt vào bờ
        • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) ((thường) dạng bị động) bị loại ra, bị bỏ ra
      Concise Dictionary
      washes|washed|washingwɑʃ ,wɔʃ /wɒʃ
      +a thin coat of water-base paint
      +the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
      +the dry bed of an intermittent stream (as at the bottom of a canyon)
      +the erosive process of washing away soil or gravel by water (as from a roadway)
      +the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller
      +a watercolor made by applying a series of monochrome washes one over the other
      +garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering
      +any enterprise in which losses and gains cancel out
      +clean with some chemical process
      +cleanse (one's body) with soap and water
      +cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water
      +move by or as if by water
      +be capable of being washed
      +admit to testing or proof
      +separate dirt or gravel from (precious minerals)
      +apply a thin coating of paint, metal, etc., to
      +remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent
      +form by erosion
      +make moist
      +wash or flow against
      +to cleanse (itself or another animal) by licking

      Thesaurus Dictionary
      1 wash up, clean (up), cleanse, bathe, shower, douche, douse, scrub (up), shampoo, soap up, lather, launder, scour, soak, rinse, flush, wet, drench, deterge, sponge (off), FacetioUS perform (one's) ablutions, Archaic absterge, Formal or Literary lave, Brit bath:
      Please wash the dishes when you have finished eating. I must wash before I do anything else.
      2 Sometimes, wash away or out or off. remove, move, transport, carry, bear, convey, deliver, deposit, drive, sweep:
      The silt, with the gold dust, is washed downstream. In this process, the impurities are washed away.
      3 splash, spatter, splatter, plash, dash, beat, pound, thrash, break, toss, surge, undulate, rush, run, lap, ripple, roll, flow:
      We stood watching the sea washing against the breakwater.
      4 Usually, wash away or off. erode, wear off or away, remove, delete, erase, expunge, destroy, eradicate, obliterate, extinguish, blot out, wipe out:
      After 5000 years, the action of the waves had washed away all traces of the Vengorian civilization.
      5 Often, wash away or out. erode, cut or dig or wear or eat or dredge (away or out), excavate, channel:
      The river eventually washed out a new course, fifteen miles to the west.
      6 decontaminate, purify, sift, filter, depurate:
      The wastes are thoroughly washed in these tanks before being discharged into the ocean.
      7 overlay, film, coat, paint, glaze; plate:
      What do you think of colour they washed the wall?
      8 hold up, stand up, stand the test of time, carry weight, bear scrutiny, prove true, make sense, be believable or credible, Colloq hold water:
      I'm afraid that Helen's explanation of her whereabouts at the time of the murder simply won't wash.
      9 wash down. swallow:
      Here, wash the pill down with this.
      10 wash (one's) hands of. stay or keep away from, disown, repudiate, turn (one's) back on, have nothing more or further to do with, get rid of, rid (oneself) of, desert, abandon, leave:
      After Neil took the money, Violet washed her hands of him and his problems.
      11 washing, cleaning, cleansing, scrubbing, scrub, scouring, shampoo, shampooing, bath, bathing, shower, sponge bath, tub-bath; laundering; FacetioUS ablutions; Colloq Brit tub, tubbing:
      He always likes a good wash and shave before breakfast.
      12 wave, wake, surge, backwash:
      The wash from passing ships almost swamped our skiff.
      13 lotion, rinse, liniment, salve, embrocation, emulsion, preparation; mouthwash, gargle; eyewash, collyrium:
      Use this wash twice a day till the condition disappears.
      14 flow, wave, swell, welling, sweep, sweeping, ebb and flow, surge, surging, undulation, rise and fall:
      Shellfish in the gap cleanse themselves of impurities in the constant tidal wash running through there.
      15 coat, coating, film, overlay, glaze; plating:
      There is a microscopic wash of gold over the tin to lend the bracelet a little cachet.
      Advanced English Dictionary
      verb, noun
      + verb
      1 to make sth/sb clean using water and usually soap: [VN] These jeans need washing. + to wash the car / floor / dishes + to wash your hands / face / hair + Wash the fruit thoroughly before eating. + She washed the blood from his face. + [VN-ADJ] The beach had been washed clean by the tide.
      2 ~ (yourself) (especially BrE) to make yourself clean using water and usually soap: [V] I washed and changed before going out. + [VN] She was no longer able to wash herself.
      3 [V] (of clothes, fabrics, etc.) to be able to be washed without losing colour or being damaged: This sweater washes well.
      4 [usually +adv./prep.] (of water) to flow or carry sth/sb in a particular direction: [V] Water washed over the deck. + [VN] Pieces of the wreckage were washed ashore. + He was washed overboard by a huge wave.
      Idioms: wash your dirty linen in public (BrE, disapproving) to discuss your personal affairs in public, especially sth embarrassing
      wash your hands of sb/sth to refuse to be responsible for or involved with sb/sth: When her son was arrested again she washed her hands of him. + I've washed my hands of the whole sordid business.
      sth won't / doesn't wash (with sb) used to say that sb's explanation, excuse, etc. is not valid or that you/sb else will not accept it: That excuse simply won't wash with me.
      Phrasal Verbs: wash sb/sth<->away (of water) to remove or carry sb/sth away to another place: Part of the path had been washed away by the sea. + The rain had washed away the footprints.
      wash sth<->down (with sth)
      1 to clean sth large or a surface with a lot of water: Wash down the walls before painting them.
      2 to drink sth after, or at the same time as, eating sth: For lunch we had bread and cheese, washed down with beer.
      wash off to be removed from the surface of sth or from a fabric by washing: Those grease stains won't wash off.
      wash sth<->off (sth) to remove sth from the surface of sth or from a fabric by washing: Wash that mud off your boots before you come in.
      wash out (of a dirty mark) to be removed from a fabric by washing: These ink stains won't wash out.
      wash sth<->out
      1 to wash the inside of sth to remove dirt, etc: to wash out empty bottles
      2 to remove a substance from sth by washing: Wash the dye out with shampoo.
      3 (of rain) to make a game, an event, etc. end early or prevent it from starting: The game was completely washed out.
      related noun WASHOUT
      wash over sb
      1 (also wash through sb) (written) (of a feeling) to suddenly affect sb strongly, so that they are not aware of anything else: Waves of nausea washed over him.
      2 to happen to or around sb without affecting them: She manages to let criticism just wash over her.
      wash up
      1 (BrE) (also do the dishes AmE, BrE) to wash plates, glasses, etc. after a meal
      See also - WASHING-UP
      2 (AmE) to wash your face and hands: Go and get washed up.
      wash sth<->up
      1 (BrE) to wash dishes after a meal: I didn't wash up the pans.
      2 (of water) to carry sth onto the shore: The body was found washed up on a beach. + Cargo from the wrecked ship was washed up on the shore.
      + noun
      1 [C, usually sing.] (especially BrE) an act of cleaning sb/sth using water and usually soap: These towels are ready for a wash. + I'll just have a quick wash before dinner. + The curtains could do with a good (= thorough) wash. + I'm doing a dark wash (= washing all the dark clothes together). + Your shirt's in the wash (= being washed or waiting to be washed). + My sweater shrank in the wash. + That blouse shouldn't look like that after only two washes.
      See also - CAR WASH
      2 (the wash) [sing.] an area of water that has waves and is moving a lot, especially after a boat has moved through it; the sound made by this: The dinghy was rocked by the wash of a passing ferry. + They listened to the wash of waves on the beach. + Seagulls hovered above the wash of the trawler.
      3 [C] a thin layer of a liquid, especially paint, that is put on a surface: The walls were covered with a pale yellow wash.
      See also - WHITEWASH
      4 [C, U] a liquid containing soap, used for cleaning your skin: an antiseptic skin wash
      See also - MOUTHWASH
      Idioms: it will (all) come out in the wash (spoken)
      1 used to say that the truth about a situation will be made known at some time in the future
      2 used to make sb less anxious by telling them that any problems or difficulties will be solved in the future
      Collocation Dictionary


      good | quick | car

      VERB + WASH

      He had a quick wash and shave.
      | do
      I'm doing a dark wash (= washing all the dark clothes together).
      | could do with, need
      That car could do with a good wash.


      in the ~
      (= being washed or waiting to be washed)Your shirt's in the wash.

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