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wanton /'wɔntən/
  • tính từ
    • tinh nghịch, nghịch gợm; đùa giỡn
      • a wanton child: đứa bé tinh nghịch
      • wanton breeze: gió đùa giỡn
    • lung tung, bậy bạ, bừa bãi; vô cớ, không mục đích
      • wanton slaughter: sự tàn sát bừa bãi
      • wanton insult: sự chửa bậy
    • phóng đãng, dâm đãng, dâm ô, bất chính
      • wanton love: tình yêu bất chính
      • a wanton woman: người đàn bà dâm đãng
      • wanton thoughts: tư tưởng dâm ô
    • tốt tươi, sum sê, um tùm
      • wanton vegetation: cây cối um tùm
    • (thông tục) lố lăng, loạn
      • wanton dress: quần áo lố lăng
  • danh từ
    • người đàn bà dâm đãng
    • nội động từ
      • nô đùa, đùa giỡn
        • the wind is wantoning with the leaves: gió đùa giỡn với lá
    Concise Dictionary
    wantons|wantoned|wantoning'wɑntən /'wɒn-
    +lewd or lascivious woman
    +waste time; spend one's time idly or inefficiently
    +indulge in a carefree or voluptuous way of life
    +spend wastefully
    +become extravagant; indulge (oneself) luxuriously
    +engage in amorous play
    +behave extremely cruelly and brutally
    +occurring without motivation or provocation
    +casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 immoral, dissolute, profligate, dissipated, depraved, loose, promiscuous, lustful, licentious, lecherous, wild, libidinous, lewd, lascivious, unchaste:
    She is a wanton hussy who is no better than she ought to be.
    2 abandoned, unrestrained, undisciplined, ungoverned, ungovernable, unmanageable, outrageous, immoderate, intemperate, untempered:
    It is not the boy's fault, it is the wanton company he keeps.
    3 reckless, rash, uncaring, lavish, extravagant, wilful, heedless, irresponsible, careless:
    This situation arises from the parents' wanton disregard for their children's moral training.
    4 wicked, evil, malevolent, malicious, merciless, inhumane, vicious, cruel, violent, unjustified, unprovoked, uncalled-for, purposeless, motiveless, unjustifiable, arbitrary, gratuitous:
    We were subject to wanton attacks by the hill people.
    5 vamp, strumpet, whore, harlot, loose woman, prostitute, voluptuary, slut, trollop, Jezebel, Colloq tart, Slang hooker, working girl, call-girl:
    Who invited that wanton, with her tight-fitting, shamelessly low-cut dress?
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + adjective (formal)
    1 [usually before noun] causing harm or damage deliberately and for no acceptable reason: wanton destruction / vandalism + a wanton disregard for human life + the wanton killing of innocent creatures
    2 (old-fashioned, disapproving) (usually of a woman) behaving in a very immoral way; having many sexual partners
    wantonly adverb
    wantonness noun [U]

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