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volunteer /,vɔlən'tiə/
  • danh từ
    • (quân sự) quân tình nguyện
    • người tình nguyện, người xung phong
      • any volunteers?: có ai tình nguyện không?, có ai xung phong không?
  • tính từ
    • tình nguyện
      • volunteer corps: đạo quân tình nguyện
    • (thực vật học) mọc tự nhiên
      • volunteer plants: cây mọc tự nhiên
  • nội động từ
    • tình nguyện, tự nguyện xung phong (nhận làm việc gì)
    • xung phong tòng quân, tình nguyện tòng quân
    • ngoại động từ
      • xung phong làm; tự động đưa ra
        • to volunteer to do something: xung phong làm một việc gì
        • to volunteer an explanation: tự động đưa ra cách giải thích
    Concise Dictionary
    volunteers|volunteered|volunteering‚vɑlən'tɪr /‚vɒlən'tɪə
    +(military) a person who freely enlists for service
    +a person who performs voluntary work
    +a native or resident of Tennessee
    +tell voluntarily
    +agree freely
    +do volunteer work
    +without payment
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 a person who does a job without being paid for it: volunteer carers / helpers + Schools need volunteers to help children to read.
    2 a person who offers to do sth without being forced to do it: Are there any volunteers to help clear up? + No volunteers came forward.
    3 a person who chooses to join the armed forces without being forced to join
    Compare: CONSCRIPT
    + verb
    1 ~ (sth) (for / as sth) to offer to do sth without being forced to do it or without getting paid for it: [V to inf] Jill volunteered to organize a petition. + [V] Several staff members volunteered for early retirement. + [VN] He volunteered his services as a driver.
    2 to suggest sth or tell sb sth without being asked: [VN] to volunteer advice / information [also V speech]
    3 ~ (for sth) to join the army, etc. without being forced to: [V] to volunteer for military service [also V to inf]
    4 ~ sb (for / as sth) to suggest sb for a job or an activity, even though they may not want to do it: [VN] They volunteered me for the job of interpreter. [also VN to inf]
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 sb who offers to do sth


    The office is staffed by unpaid volunteers.
    | full-time, part-time | committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, willing | qualified, trained | potential, prospective, would-be | conservation, Red Cross


    army, band, group, network, team
    An army of volunteers cooked meals for the children.


    appeal for, ask for, call for, look for
    The charity is appealing for volunteers to take elderly patients to and from hospital.
    | find, get, recruit
    We can't get any volunteers to help in the gardens.
    | provide
    The local community provided volunteers to repair the road.
    | encourage | need, want | work as


    come forward
    Hundreds of volunteers have come forward to offer their help.
    | man sth, staff sth | carry sth out | provide support, support sb
    The support our volunteers provide cannot be measured in purely practical terms.


    staff, worker | carer, driver, helper


    ~ for
    He worked as a volunteer for Oxfam.

    2 in the armed forces


    army, civilian


    recruit | serve as


    army, militia, unit



    Barbara Forrest has kindly volunteered to lead a guided walk to Bolton Abbey.


    We volunteered as witnesses.
    | for
    I volunteered for service in the Air Force.

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