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vocabulary /və'kæbjuləri/
  • danh từ
    • (ngôn ngữ học) từ vựng
Concise Dictionary
vocabulariesvəʊ'kæbjələrɪ /-bjʊl-
+a listing of the words used in some enterprise
+a language user's knowledge of words
+the system of techniques or symbols serving as a means of expression (as in arts or crafts)

Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural vocabularies)
1 [C, U] all the words that a person knows or uses: to have a wide / limited vocabulary + your active vocabulary (= the words that you use) + your passive vocabulary (= the words that you understand but don't use) + Reading will increase your vocabulary. + The word 'failure' is not in his vocabulary (= for him, failure does not exist).
2 [C] all the words in a particular language: When did the word 'bungalow' first enter the vocabulary?
3 [C, U] the words that people use when they are talking about a particular subject: The word has become part of advertising vocabulary.
4 (also informal vocab ) [C, U] a list of words with their meanings, especially in a book for learning a foreign language
Collocation Dictionary


extensive, large, rich, wide
English has a rich vocabulary and literature. Try to develop a wide vocabulary.
| limited, narrow, poor, restricted, small | active, passive | basic, essential, key | formal | business, scientific, specialized, technical


have | acquire, learn
Learners of languages acquire vocabulary through practice.
| build, develop, enlarge, enrich, expand, extend, increase, widen
This book has been designed to help you expand your vocabulary.
| enter
The word ‘think tank’ entered the vocabulary (= became part of the language)in the 1960s.
| use
Specialized vocabulary is used in all the major disciplines.




~ for/of
the essential vocabulary for tourism


not in sb's vocabulary
The word ‘failure’is not in his vocabulary (= for him, failure does not exist).

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