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vivid /'vivid/
  • tính từ
    • chói lọi, sặc sỡ (màu sắc, ánh sáng)
      • vivid light: ánh sáng chói lọi
      • vivid colour: màu sắc sặc sỡ
    • đầy sức sống (người)
    • sinh động, mạnh mẽ, sâu sắc
      • a vivid description: một bài mô tả sinh động
      • a vivid recollection of some event: nhớ lại một sự kiện một cách sâu sắc
Concise Dictionary
+evoking lifelike images within the mind
+having the clarity and freshness of immediate experience
+having striking color
+(of color) having the highest saturation

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 intense, strong, brilliant, fresh, bright, dazzling, lucid, rich, clear, colourful, glowing:
Michel looked splendid in a silk dress of vivid yellow.
2 clear, detailed, sharp, realistic, graphic, true to life, lifelike, distinct, powerful, strong, memorable, dramatic, striking:
It brought back to me vivid memories of our first meeting in 1985.
3 prolific, fruitful, fertile, fecund, inventive, creative:
That kiss, which never took place, is a figment of Bagley's vivid imagination.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (of memories, a description, etc.) producing very clear pictures in your mind: vivid memories / dreams + He gave a vivid account of his life as a fighter pilot.
2 (of light, colours, etc.) very bright: vivid blue eyes + the vivid colours and patterns of her designs
3 (of sb's imagination) able to form pictures of ideas, situations, etc. easily in the mind
vividly adverb: I vividly remember the day we first met.
vividness noun [U]: the frightening vividness of my dream
Collocation Dictionary

1 very bright




extraordinarily, extremely, really, very | quite, rather
She uses quite vivid colours.

2 very clear


be | remain


extraordinarily, extremely, very, wonderfully
a wonderfully vivid imagination
| quite | still

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