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visitor /'vizitə/
  • danh từ
    • khách, người đến thăm
      • visitors' book: sổ (ghi tên, địa chỉ của) khách
    • người thanh tra, người kiểm tra (trường học...)
Concise Dictionary
+someone who visits
Thesaurus Dictionary
caller, guest, company; visitant:
May I phone you back after my visitors have gone?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
~ (to ...) a person who visits a person or place: We've got visitors coming this weekend. + Do you get many visitors? + She's a frequent visitor to the US. + The theme park attracts 2.5 million visitors a year.
Collocation Dictionary


constant, frequent, regular | occasional | seasonal | rare | casual | first-time
First-time visitors to Spain are often surprised by how late people eat.
| welcome | surprise, unexpected | uninvited, unwanted, unwelcome | potential, prospective, would-be
The latest crime figures are likely to put off prospective visitors to the city.
| foreign, international, overseas | annual, yearly | business, holiday, tourist | museum | home, hospital, prison | health
The baby's weight is monitored by the health visitor.


get, have, receive
Do you get many visitors?
| expect
The house was tidy and I could see he was expecting visitors.
| entertain
The front room was used mainly for entertaining visitors.
| attract, bring (in)
The festival brings 5,000 visitors to the town every year.
| interest
The town has much to interest the visitor.
| deter
The lack of facilities in the town may deter the casual visitor.
| admit
The college only admits visitors in organized groups.


come, flock, turn up
Visitors flocked to see the show.


attraction | centre
Pick up a free map of the town from the visitor centre.


~ from
Visitors from Ireland will find much that reminds them of home.
| ~ to
visitors to the museum

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