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visibility /,vizi'biliti/
  • danh từ
    • tính chất có thể trông thấy được
      • the visibilityof a gas: tính chất trông thấy được của một chất khí
      • high visibility: (khí tượng) sự trông thấy rõ; tầm nhìn xa lớn
    • tính rõ ràng, tính rõ rệt, tính minh bạch
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 how far or well you can see, especially as affected by the light or the weather: poor / bad / zero visibility + Visibility was down to about 100 metres in the fog. + The car has excellent all-round visibility (= you can see what is around you very easily from it).
2 the fact or state of being easy to see: high visibility equipment for cyclists + The advertisements were intended to increase the company's visibility in the marketplace (= to make people more aware of their products and services).
Collocation Dictionary

1 how far you can see


clear, good, excellent, high | bad, limited, low, poor, zero


The sand in the air reduced visibility to a hundred yards.


be down to sth
Visibility was down to 25 yards.


in … ~
We set a course in good visibility and calm seas.

2 obviousness in public life


high | greater, increased, increasing


increase, raise
We aim to raise the visibility of ethnic minorities in our organization.

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