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victimize /'viktimaiz/ (victimise) /'viktimaiz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • dùng làm vật hy sinh, đem hy sinh
    • đối xử tàn nhẫn
    • lừa, bịp
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 prey on, pursue, go after, pick on, bully, take advantage of, persecute, exploit, use:
Increasingly, older people are being victimized by unscrupulous relatives.
2 cheat, swindle, bilk, defraud, dupe, hoodwink, deceive, gull, fool, trick, outwit, outsmart, outfox, Colloq snooker, flimflam, Slang suck or sucker in, screw, shaft, take (in), rook:
The confidence team used the old Spanish handkerchief trick to victimize unsuspecting tourists.
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE also victimise) + verb
[VN] [often passive] to make sb suffer unfairly because you do not like them, their opinions, or sth that they have done: For years the family had been victimized by racist neighbours. + The union claimed that some of its members had been victimized for taking part in the strike.
victimization, victimisation noun [U]

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