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vicarious /vai'keəriəs/
  • tính từ
    • đại biểu, được uỷ nhiệm
      • vicarious authority: quyền đại biểu
    • chịu thay cho
      • vicarious punishment: sự trừng phạt chịu thay cho người khác
    • làm thay người khác vì người khác
      • vicarious work: công việc làm thay cho người khác
    • (y học) thay thế (phép điều trị)
Concise Dictionary
vaɪ'kerɪəs /vɪ'keər-
+experienced at secondhand
+occurring in an abnormal part of the body instead of the usual site involved in that function
+suffered or done by one person as a substitute for another

Thesaurus Dictionary
surrogate, delegated, deputed, commissioned, assigned, indirect, substituted:
He derived vicarious pleasure from seeing his children do the things that he no longer could.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
[only before noun] felt or experienced by watching or reading about sb else doing sth, rather than by doing it yourself: He got a vicarious thrill out of watching his son score the winning goal.
vicariously adverb

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