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vessel /'vesl/
  • danh từ
    • bình, chậu, lọ, thùng
    • (hàng hải) thuyền lớn, tàu thuỷ
    • (giải phẫu); (thực vật học) ống, mạch
    • the weaker vessel
      • (kinh) đàn bà
Concise Dictionary
+a tube in which a body fluid circulates
+a craft designed for water transportation
+an object used as a container (especially for liquids)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 container, receptacle, utensil, holder:
Food was stored in vessels neatly arrayed around the sarcophagus.
2 craft, boat, ship, ark, Literary barque or US also bark:
The vessel docked gently at the airlock of the space station.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 (formal) a large ship or boat: ocean-going vessels
2 (old use or technical) a container used for holding liquids, such as a bowl, cup, etc: a Bronze Age drinking vessel
3 a tube that carries blood through the body of a person or an animal, or liquid through the parts of a plant
Collocation Dictionary

1 ship/boat


crippled, stranded, stricken, wrecked | seaworthy | sailing, steam | ocean-going, sea-going | fishing | cargo, commercial, container, freight, merchant | naval | escort, patrol, supply, support, survey, transport | passenger | research | foreign


He was accused of operating the vessel while drunk.
| register
The vessel was registered in Bermuda.
| charter | steer | anchor, moor | sink | ram
The captain of the boat was accused of ramming a patrol vessel.
| refloat
A salvage team failed to refloat the vessel.
| board
Police boarded and searched the vessel.
| swamp
Huge waves swamped the vessel.


be afloat
It was one of the largest vessels afloat.
| sail
The damaged vessel sailed on for another 50 miles.
| be bound for sth
a French vessel bound for Nigeria
| enter a port, make port
The vessel finally made port after thirty days at sea.
| leave a port | carry sb/sth
The vessel carried a crew of 130.
| flood | go/lie/run aground, sink
The vessel flooded and began to sink.


aboard a/the ~
They managed to haul the survivors aboard the vessel.
| alongside a/the ~
A rescue boat managed to come alongside the crippled vessel.
| on/on board a/the ~
A fire broke out on board the vessel.

2 container for liquids


drinking | empty
It is a scientific fact that empty vessels make the most noise.
| ritual, sacred
ancient bronze ritual vessels
| bronze, glass, pottery, silver, wooden




contain sth

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