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verify /'verifai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • thẩm tra, kiểm lại
      • to verify a statement: thẩm tra một lời tuyên bố
      • to verify the items of a bill: kiểm lại các khoản của một hoá đơn
    • xác minh (lời nói, sự kiện)
      • to verify a witness: xác minh một lời khai làm chứng
    • thực hiện (lời tiên đoán, lời hứa...)
Concise Dictionary
+confirm the truth of
+verify or regulate by conducting a parallel experiment or comparing with another standard, of scientific experiments
+attach or append a legal verification to (a pleading or petition)
+to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

Thesaurus Dictionary
affirm, confirm, testify to, attest (to), bear witness to, vouch for, corroborate, support, substantiate, clinch or clench, prove, demonstrate, show, bear out, authenticate, validate, certify, guarantee, back up, warrant:
Can you verify the accuracy of his testimony?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (verifies, verifying, verified, verified)
1 to check that sth is true or accurate: [VN] We have no way of verifying his story. + [V that] Please verify that there is sufficient memory available before loading the program. + [V wh-] I'll leave you to verify whether these claims are true.
2 to show or say that sth is true or accurate
Synonym: CONFIRM
[VN] Her version of events was verified by neighbours. [also V that]
verifiable adjective: a verifiable fact / statement
verification noun [U]: the verification of hypotheses

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